Monday, June 24, 2013

News on the Distribution of Ramon Monegal NM Exclusive Pure Mariposa

The Spanish brand with the catapulting US presence Ramon Monegal had created Pure Mariposa exclusively for Neiman Marcus. With the clients of Neiman Marcus as his muse, Ramon Monegal has created a fruity, green-floral, woody scent that captures the timeless elegance, sophistication, spirit, and modernity of the Neiman Marcus woman. Up till now you could find this fragrance only at Neiman Marcus.

But now the Begdrof Goodman superstore has offered us the chance to own this fragrance on their online boutique. You can find the link here, along with the rest of the Ramon Monegal perfume line.

Notes for Pure Mariposa for Neiman Marcus by Ramon Monegal 
Top Note
Fresh festive colorful: orange, grapefruit, bergamot.
Fruity vital, cheerful: yuzu, black currant, plum.
Ozonic pure, graceful: helional, melonal, calone, ultrazur. (molecules)
Middle Note
Green natural: oakmoss, grass accord, fig.
Floral rich, elegant: Osmanthus, jasmine, lily of the valley, rose wardia, tuberose.
Base Note
Woody powerful, harmonious: sandalwood, cashmeran (m), iris, anchouli (m).
Silky sophisticated, majestic: peach, tonka bean, amber.
Available as 1.7 fl.oz. (50ml) of eau de parfum.


  1. A monegal is always worth smelling, though the note description seems a scary mishmash. (though at least it's honest in listing the synthetics).

    The Neiman Marcus woman is a wealthy suburban woman who wears tailleurs and is on a first name basis with her cosmetic surgeon, so I'm curious to see how this translates into a perfume.


  2. Cacio, that's a perfect description :-)

  3. Miss Heliotrope01:25

    Maybe the synthetics are listed because they help with preservation (of the scent or the woman)?

  4. M,

    ha, that description is hilarious.
    I like the RM line but this kind of exclusive leaves me a bit cold. I don't know...haven't tried it.

  5. R,

    I see corroboration and this gives me a smile. :-D

  6. MH,

    hahahaha!!! :-D

    (I do respect them for stating them though and not coming up with fancy faux "accords")


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