Monday, May 6, 2013

The Mystery of Soft Youth Dew and the Perils of Cinnabar: Fragrance Sleuthing

It was too good to resist. When Brian of I Smell Therefore I Am (and the collaborator in the Tableau de Parfums series with Tauer) mentioned some interesting finds on Soft Youth Dew (an offshoot of the classic Lauder, experimented with during the 1970s) and its eventual progression (?) into Cinnabar, my antennae went right up, twitching with intense appreciation of the situation.

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Now that Brian has composed an essay on what he found out and the saga of the two Lauders is under way, it's a good time to link through to his post and offer a public service announcement. This is a case for the books; reader, go visit.


  1. Octavian Coifan wrote about this first on his blog in 2008, I see that he's taken all of his information down.


  2. B,

    it's his right of course! He did have a lot of info which greatly assisted Brian in his personal quest through lots of bought specimens. But surely there was no copyright infringement which I suppose is what concerns most each of us who share and share for free our hard-earned info and experience on the Net.
    I'm sure Octavian is just taking things down as a precaution, nothing more.


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