Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Design with Scents

Kingston Univesity in London is offering their “Design With Scents” course for a second time around and invite all interested parties in participating in this workshop that should please both designers and perfume aficionados alike.

 After the success of the 2012 edition, the interactive 5-day workshop returns at Kingston University London 8-12 July 2013. Designers and fragrance lovers will discover how scent is a powerful communication tool at both work and home, this year with an added panel of guest speakers.
Through a multi-sensory study programme, participants develop new design skills, explore the sense of smell, experiment with blending oils and receive their own personal fragrance kit. ‘Design with Scents’ is open to students and professionals from across all creative industries who will benefit from enhancing their projects and learning to communicate an idea to an audience.

Guest speakers this year include Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, Dr Jenny Tillotson, Reader, Sensory Fashion at Central St Martins, Will Andrews, Fragrance Scientist from Procter and Gamble, author of ‘Urban Smellscapes’ Dr Victoria Henshaw from Manchester University and the intrepid scent explorer Odette Toilette.

Course leader: Nicola Pozzani, founder of S Sense The Senses Of Perfume. He was trained by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena at the Università dell’Immagine of Milan and worked for fragrance houses Symrise and LVMH. An ambassador for scents as enabler for innovation and wellbeing, Nicola consults and trains with individuals and cross-sector organisations. He has been a guest speaker, amongst others, for the Scent Marketing Institute and the British Society of Perfumers. www.ssense-perfume.com Guest tutors: Joanna Norman, graduate of the Royal College of Art, Lecturer at Kingston University MA Fashion, and John Ayres, whose professional pedigree encompasses research chemistry, fragrance creation, development, marketing and sales. They have over 50 years experience of the fragrance industry between them gained from leading roles within market leaders International Flavours and Fragrances and Givaudan. They are co-founders of the fragrance consultancy Pandora.

Design with Scents
5-day Workshop– 8-12 July 2013 10.00-4.00pm Tutors: Nicola Pozzani, Joanna Norman & John Ayres.
Course fee: £490, inclusive of perfume kit.
Book and pay online - www.kingston.ac.uk/designbookonline
Short Course Unit, Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture, Kingston University, Knights Park, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2QJ. Tel: 020 8417 4066
Email: shortcourse.design@kingston.ac.uk website: www.kingston.ac.uk/fada
The course is non-residential, and limited to 12 places only. Accommodation can be provided at our Halls of residence by logging onto www.universityrooms.co.uk using the promotional code SCUSS2012.


  1. Anonymous07:14

    My husband used to work at Kingston University, and we lived nearby. It's just my luck that they now do this when I live so far away! Adds a bit to my homesickness....... but I've saved money by not being able to go. It's wonderful to think, though, that perfume is being regarded so highly by academics these days.

  2. Anonymous12:53

    Sounds great! Wish I lived nearby. A friend of mine used to be gallery director for Kingston University, very innovative place - I saw some excellent exhibitions there over the years.

    I'm looking forward to an event coming up at Edinburgh's Botanic Gardens about Perfume and Poetry - I really like the way perfume is being presented more and more as an artform, and in unusual ways

  3. J,

    ah, nostalgia... And yes, it is a wonderful thing to think.

  4. R,

    I wish you the best possible experience at the event, sounds cool!


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