Friday, May 3, 2013

The Myrrh-Bearers Bedewed the Tomb with Myrrh

A most blessed regeneration of the spirit to everyone on this Good Friday 
and a happy Greek Orthodox Easter to those celebrating.

The ecclesiastical hymn "Axion Estee" sung by Triphono.
 The title of the post derives from the traditional lament of Good Friday "Oh my sweet spring" (Ω γλυκύ μου έαρ)
The painting depicted above is by Greek painter Theodore Rallis (1852-1090).


  1. i've no more religion than a cat, but that is very beautiful! thanks for sharing the video.

  2. NFS,

    thanks for saying so. Glad it resonated.

    I'm not religious either, but I am a spiritual person. And have a soft spot for tradition. :-)

  3. As you know Greek Easter is big here too and I wish you the best for this season Helg.

  4. Anonymous11:17

    Oh, thank you for this! I'm a recent convert to Byzantine Catholicism, and we celebrated Sunday of the Myrrh Bearing Women April 14 - our calendar seems to be closer to Russian Orthodox. As were my ancestors. I love the beauty and tradition of this spirituality. You don't have to be religious to appreciate this.B even wore myrrh and frankincense - usually too strong for church. Your blog is always so beautiful.


  5. Anonymous17:58

    Kali Anastasi! A most beautiful and fragrant time of year


  6. Χριστός Ανέστη Έλενα!

  7. M,

    I suppose you got the whole lamb on a spit stink all right!! (and the music and dancing)
    Ah, it's all good.

  8. Isabella,

    Byzantine Catholicism. I learn something new everyday. The two seemed unreconciled for so long in my life (and certainly if anyone has read about the Fall of Constantinople and the dispute of the Constantinopolites in those tragic hours it does seem odd!).
    Yes, the Byzantine tradition is rich in beauty. Russian orthodoxy taking so much off it is a natural.
    Thanks as always for your kind words and input! :-)

  9. Κυριακή,

    αληθώς ανέστη και ο κόσμος μας μαζί του εύχομαι!

  10. Kosta,

    αληθώς! Χρόνια πολλά!


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