Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Guerlain "Exclusive Collections" in a Paris Airport for the First Time

It's an exclusive! The Guerlain "Exclusive Collections" are on offer to passengers in Hall M of Terminal 2E at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport for the very first time.


Exclusive scents (L'Art et la Matière and Les Parisiennes) and limited editions (Baccarat crystal bottle in the form of a bee, etc.) are available in the BUY PARIS DUTY FREE store in Hall M, one of the largest Duty-free retail area in Europe with more than 2,200 m² dedicated to fragrances and the French art of living. Hall M in Terminal 2E is now the most attractive departure lounge in Europe. And it is in this setting that Guerlain occupies a huge 30 m² space. From the first flight to the last, beauty consultants greet passengers from around the world and present them with these "Exclusive Collections". Since June 2012, passengers on long-haul SkyTeam alliance flights have been exploring Hall M in Terminal 2E, a new, particularly spacious departure lounge, decked out in Parisian elegance. Aéroports de Paris paid particular attention to the atmosphere, the retail areas, the smooth flow of the routes and the materials used. Bright, spacious and attractive, Hall M offers passengers 6,000 m² of shops, bars and restaurants.

 info via Guerlain communication


  1. I go through Paris quite often, and I've always been underwhelmed by the limited perfume offer in that duty free (not that one's not already bought perfumes in downtown Paris). Just the mainstream, plus a couple others (limited Artisan, Hermessences). Not even the Chanel exclusifs. So Guerlain is better than nothing - the few that have not been destroyed by reformulation, that is.


  2. M,

    I think that might be a good first step that might nudge others into bringing more "rarities" into that shop ;-)

    I think whatever is needed to be seriously reformulated in the exclusive collection is eventually dropped rather than reformulated (see the much lamented Philtre d'Amour or Plus Que Jamais), so I don't suppose the Guerlain exclusives -when good in themselves in time of original creation- are a bad deal, in the end.


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