Monday, February 25, 2013

Le Labo Discontinues One Fragrance Off their Catalogue

It's always a sad time when something one loves gets axed. The reasons why are usually varied, often beyond a company's control; change in allergens regulations, shift in raw materials supply, the break up with a trusted distributor, you name it. Le Labo hadn't stopped production on any of their scents in the past, but I was notified that one of their exclusives won't be with us for long. Merdre! So if you do love it, better stock up now.


This is the email communication I got:

 "Barneys New York is closing their Dallas store on March 2nd and this saddens us as we loved our Le Labo counter there and loved our Dallas exclusive, Aldehyde 44, even more! After much debate, we have decided that if there is no Dallas, there can’t be any Aldehyde 44 and this perfume will therefore be discontinued... To bid Dallas farewell, we will be selling Aldehyde 44 in all our stores and online at during the month of March."


  1. I don't think I will miss the Dallas exclusive, though I shall be sorry if they axe the New York one before I get to try it!

  2. I am not particularly fond of the superexpensive gimmicky city exclusive Le Labos- especially for the Dallas aldehyde. As long as they keep producing their regular line, in a decent state (patch, oud, and iris, more precisely).

    More interesting is the fact that Barneys is moving out of Dallas. I thought there would be enough rich people down there. But perhaps they're more conservative, more the Neiman Marcus type of shoppers. Of course, I only wish there were a Barneys here in DC, but evidently there's not enough wealth to justify one.


  3. Ahhhhh I'm heart broken.
    Really tempted to get a backup.

  4. kathleen15:09

    Is this ever idiotic! The city exclusives are irritating enough in their own right, but to discontinue one, because Barney's is closing their Dallas store is blindingly ridiculous.

  5. Quelle domage.
    I'm not a familiar of this fragrance, but perfumes dying are just like fairies falling from the sky for me...
    Also, if this scent is true to its name it would seem that one more aldehyde is going to the great chemical factory of high.
    He sighs with resignation at the systematic contraction of a favourite genre.

    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  6. Anonymous01:11

    this is the second time they've taken barneys out of that mall. i used to shop at the first incarnation, and get my hair done there. have only been to second one once - but will miss the very nice perfume people.

    yes, there are enough rich shoppers in that town - tons and tons of them. and they love fashion. i don't know what barneys has done two times now to have to remove themselves from big d. maybe the demographics of the area have shifted, dunno.

    that mall has always been the hoity-toity one, though. although a little schizophrenic, with the high-end shops anchored by neimans along one wing and dillards on down along the oppposite wing - with a mix of smaller things in the middle.

    they need to bring barneys to houston. it has even more money and people into style and fashion. and perfume lovers like moi!


  7. V,

    NYC Barneys is at least not going to close, so you're safe there :-)

    Happy to see you!!

  8. M,

    it's rather odd that they're closing it. I don't know what to think of that. One would assume that Dallas is rather affluent. ;-O

    The exclusiveness annoys me no end myself, because my two top choices are city exclusives: Poivre and Gaiac. I can't do with the first, as I travel to UK from time to time and have relatives, but Tokyo is far fetched. Argh....

  9. Saif,

    it's always a good idea to get a backup of something one loves. Who knows what might happen.

  10. Kathleen,

    I suppose (though can't vouch for it) the company thinks that if they offer a city-exclusive in their regular catalogue, this negates sorta the other city exclusives.

    It's sad for the fans of the juice, that's for sure!

  11. Dandy,

    ah, such a powerful image, there! Yes.

    And double yes to the genre not surviving all that well in our time and age. I suppose it will take another generation before these are revived commercially.

  12. J,

    very very interesting, fascinating insight actually, thank you!!
    So, two times is the charm, eh? I can't understand the logic, but there must be one for a store such as Barneys deciding that. Perhaps they're moving into Houston (I hope so for your sake!), who knows?


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