Thursday, August 16, 2012

Toronto Fragrance meetup #7 - Sunday August 19th 5pm at GUERLAIN - Come Join the Fumeheads!

The meeting up of fellow fumeheads (an affectionate term for perfume lovers) is always cause for celebration. The greeting process alone makes for a sudden burst of cognition and the process accounts for delightful material to recount later on. On this note, a Toronto, Canada meet-up of fumeheads is organized by Daniel Joffe for this coming Sunday, so if you're close by, don't miss a chance to get there for a meet & greet. Date: SUNDAY August 19th, 2012
Location: Guerlain Boutique, 110 Bloor Street West, (416) 929 6114. Valerie is the friendly store manager.
Time: 5-7pm, and feel free to come and go as you please.
To Bring: Yourself and significant others or friends/family that have an interest in fragrance and skin care, any industry books or magazines, etc.
Original Thread for more details can be found here:!


  1. I feel lucky to live in Toronto right now! Definitely going.

  2. Going to buy a lottery ticket Helg !!!

  3. Holy,

    you're lucky indeed. Hope you enjoy!! Keep us posted!

  4. M,

    you do that wherever you are! Luck favors the bold ;-)


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