Friday, August 17, 2012

New Celebrity Perfume: Amy Childs

"I'd love every celebrity to wear my perfume, because I know that they'd absolutely love it. Victoria Beckham definitely needs to wear my perfume. I'm going to definitely send her a bottle. Kate Middleton as well, I think she'd like it. She's glam." The fragrance is called Amy Childs (fashioned after The Only Way is Essex 22-year old starlet who also starred in Celebrity Big Brother). Amy said she had been urged to launch her own fragrance. "It was loads of people saying, 'Amy bring out your own perfume'. I love smelling good and everyone was saying bring out your own perfume so I did," she said. Amy launched her new venture at the Aura nightclub, in London's Mayfair. [news source]


  1. Wordbird02:36

    *shudders to think what that ghastly goop might smell like*

  2. Anonymous09:40

    I'm feeling a bit speechless really. Like Wordbird, can't imagine how this smells. Probably generic fruity floral with a "gourmand" note. What sort of society do we live in which promotes people with no talent and makes them famous just because they are famous in some strange vicious circle; and then adds insult to injury by putting their name on a "perfume"? But there is obviously a market for such stuff ...

  3. Impressive reason to launch you own perfume....and who is she anyway?

  4. Eva H.19:31

    I think calling this a "celebrity perfume" mght be a bit of a stretch...

  5. Who the hell is she ???

    OK Helg - thats it !!!

    I am coming out with MY OWN Celeb Scent!!!

    Its going to be called "WHO THE HELL IS SHE?"
    it will smell like Vintage Jicky and Parure together - I think I am on a winner and it will be launched in ..... wait for it Helg .... AUSTRALIA !!! LOL

  6. Wordbird,

    "oh it's glam!"

    Isn't that enough? {sarcasm]

  7. Jillie,

    probably a much more interesting discussion than Amy's perfume anyway!
    Our society is really not very mindful of what they buy as long as it's something that is "dictated" to them to buy; it's really weird, come to think of it. It's as if people crave to have something put down their throat. I suppose we're all susceptible to various degrees....No?

  8. Stelma,

    I'm waiting for someone to come out and say "I did it for the money. My manager said this is the next move".
    But I suppose this kind of frankness is out of the question.

  9. Eva,

    apparently the definition of the "celebrity" has severely broadened these days...
    I have absolutely no idea who she is either. :-O :-P

  10. M,

    you know what, I would DEFINITELY buy this one!!!!
    (sounds absolutely amazing, Parure is such a marvel!)
    And yup, Oz-specific, why the hell not???


    Hope you're very well (haven't forgotten the email I owe you!)

  11. Anonymous12:11

    It's almost cruel to quote her directly, she is giving out so much rope to hang herself with :)
    This girl needs a publicist, STAT!

  12. It's kind of funny that she wants Victoria Beckham to wear her perfume, because I have it on good authority that VB doesn't wear any, because she doesn't actually like it!

  13. Anonymous05:38

    *curls lip, raises an eyebrow and speaks in sarcastic undertone* Whoopee ... =P

  14. Anonymous07:38

    Katie - the fact that Victoria Beckham says she doesn't even like/wear perfume is even funnier, given that she had several perfumes marketed in her name (and more under her husband's)!

  15. Rose14:51

    I think celebs like VB will be more interested in a perfume with essense of slim.... like Eau De Lite By harveyprince!

  16. Bjorn,

    someone should be sane enough to think these kind of claims are insane without a publicist, I should gather ;-)

  17. Katie,

    LOL, that takes the cake!! Yup.
    Now let's all collectively consider about all those celeb scents Victoria is promoting and the ads with her hubs for them. :-P :-D

    Hope you're peachy!!

  18. Jillie,

    exactly my thoughts too!

    This whole celebritoid thing with perfume is a riot.

  19. Rose,

    don't knock it, there's even a perfume promising weight-loss now, apparently called Prends-Moi (sounds positively naughty in my neck of woods if translated!!)

  20. M,

    beats me!! I learned the news and thought the same thing. I had to Google her! :-D


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