Monday, August 20, 2012

Le Labo Re-introduces their Bath Line

According to the news sent to me:
"After being notoriously sold out of our perfumed body line for a few months, we decided (for some obscure reason) to change our look and go brown with our bottles. Our revamped packaging will hold our already existing body lotion and massage and bath oil, along with our long-awaited perfumed shower gel. Now you can get fresh and fragrant at the same time, with any of the twelve scents available in our collection."

 The E-store can be found on this link.


  1. Good news. I hadn't noticed it was sold out, the NYC store still had everything. I like the body oils (nobody carries body oils), I mix them with Eucerin shower oil (which dries my skin less than gels) for a fragrant shower (favorites are patch and iris). The lotions are great too. The oud lotion keeps the dirty musks of the original quite a bit.


  2. M,

    this is what they themselves say (about the "sold out" part). I can't know for sure, being a continent away. ;-)
    I kinda like dry oils myself; do they have one? I imagine a Gaiac 10 or Poivre 23 would be smashing!
    Interesting abut the oud lotion!! :-O

  3. The Labo oils I've seen are more bath or massage, that is, they don't dry quickly on the skin, so you have to wait before putting on clothes. Gaiac and Poivre I think are city exclusives, so I've not seen them, but I think they have oils for pretty much all their regular lineup. Same for their supercreamy body lotions - though they don't have a patch body lotion, presumably because some incompatibility of ingredients.

  4. M,

    uh huh...thank you! I was hoping for something along the lines of "spray, rub, set to go". Oh well.


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