Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Guerlain: Who Am I?

A teaser film by Guerlain perfumes on the new September 2012 launch.

"Devinez qui je suis" or in English, guess who I am.

Watch the clip on this link.

Of course we're safe to assume it involves an iteration of La Petite Robe Noire.


  1. Miss Heliotrope00:48

    So not Voldemort then?

  2. Anonymous07:20

    I just did a little research... they mention "i was born in the '20".. so it cannot be LBD (right??) So i got to thinking... could it possibly be... Djedi?? Just sayin'... basenotes mentions it was released in 1927 (some blogs mention 26).. and it is an oriental chypre. So maybe??? Cheers, Wendy

  3. Anonymous09:18

    Sorry to break your heart Wendy.

    The style of the imagery in this video is consistent with the graphics-only style of previous La Petite Robe Noire releases. When that pert voice says "I was born in the 20's" it means indeed the "petite robe noire" introduced by Chanel in 1926 as a simple, elegant calf-length black sheath dress accessible by and suitable for many women (and occasions) that has existed ever since in many "Little Black Dress" iterations by many designers.

    I'm thinking this will be as "modern" as the much shorter, girlier LBDs around these days -- a fruity floral some shade of pink.

    -- Lindaloo

  4. Anonymous09:34

    When I wrote my comment I knew I was clutching at straws, but I was hoping against hope, and all the available evidence. You - and Elena - are of course most likely very right. But man, this sounds boring. Also, come to think of it, the video reminds me of the new vid for one of the Addict flankers.Hm! How i love my vintage fumes...(*sniffs arm doused in Habit Rouge edc*) cheers Wendy

  5. Anonymous12:04

    I've read that there is an EdT version of La Petite Robe Noir coming soon. It feels a little rushed, doesn't it? The EdP hasn't even had a full worldwide launch and they are already introducing a new version..


  6. Anonymous17:36

    I think my comment was eaten! Here it is again, more or less:

    Agree, the ad refers to the actual little black dress and by extention Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire. I thought it was a little silly to talk about the 1920s since LPRN is anything but a heritage Guerlain.

    Since the ad’s in English, probably this is announcing the UK or US launch of LPRN (mid-August?). Could also be for the line of body products, or for the parfum in September although I had the impression that the parfum was going to be limited in distribution.


  7. It'll probably be the extrait version of La Petite Robe Noire. Monsieur Guerlain has already posted a picture of it on his facebook and, if i'm not wrong, it's due to launch in September.
    Also, the 1920's allusion is maybe to Chanel iconic dress and not the fragrance itself...

  8. Anonymous00:45

    i believe it's talking about chanel's LBD, which does date from the twenties.

    but ugh, that mechanical voice is annoying - the accent sounds asian/french (like it's not sure what it wants to be) and like a robot spitting out the words (like apple's siri, but worse).

    and the hand that pops out from behind the screen is too large for the screen. unless she is a giantess seated on a sofa?? it's totally out of proportion.

    and obviously i was distracted the entire time.

    although i did like the font...


  9. C,

    hahaha! Not everything revolves around him, no. But it might in this case!

  10. Wendy,

    hi there honey!

    I think that's wishful thinking on your part (nothing wrong with that, wish it were so!!!). They probably mean the dress itself. (though come to think of it, aren't they focusing attention on the fact that it's part of the Chanel heritage?)

  11. lindaloo,

    thanks for commenting in such great detail and depth!

    Yup, LPRN by Guerlain had been a cherry-syrupy fruity floral before and I don't see it changing much. Though the second iteration last year was better than the first one when it was introduced. Let's see...

  12. Wendy,

    it's almost impossible to improve on Habit Rouge so they're not even trying... Still, Guerlain has the tradition and the good mind to surpass the lowest common denominator so I'm ever hopeful. Not for this one particularly, but in general (see their Desert d'Orient line recently, as reviewed on these pages, for instance, which were stellar; or their Lys Soleia also reviewed).

  13. Bjork,

    they're probably going to issue multiple version of this one, judging by its history so far. It will make for one hell of a confusion, I'd wage!

  14. Lily,

    I think from the info of the PR section of the house that it's launching in September. I doubt there would be too limited a distribution, probably all the major Guerlain corners in the world (like LPRN was initially)

  15. R,

    thanks for the added direction!
    Yup, it's a reference to the dress (as if the dress is speaking). Correct!

  16. J,

    it is a distracting teaser, isn't it? Which should be interesting to see completed sometime later on.
    The font is cute I agree. The graphics too, but too Dior-esque as mentioned? Anyway....

    Hope you're well!


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