Friday, August 10, 2012

Ramon Monegal Barcelona: Perfumes to Lose One Heart's Into

It is not usual that I direct readers to other venues where my writing has appeared; Perfume Shrine readers come to the Shrine for what the Shrine offers here on its own terms. Yet I can't resist sharing with you the presentation I wrote for Fragrantica on this newly launching to the USA perfume house hailing from Barcelona, Spain.

I said newly launching because Ramon Monegal isn't technically a new house: the tradition and the perfumer go back a long while, to the historic Spanish of Myrurgia actually.
Please find the the Ramon Monegal perfumes first impressions  on this link and rest assured I will post more detailed reviews very very soon...

I haven't been this excited about discovering a new niche fragrance line since stumbling upon Maria Candida Gentile perfumes!


  1. I think exactly the same RM and MCG are also the discoveries that moved me 2012.

  2. Anonymous12:47

    I am disappointed that you link to such a restricted site instead of posting the article here.

    And by "restricted" I mean that Fragrantica won't let me see more than one page before it blocks me from seeing content. In your article you link to his former employer Myriuga, but when I want to see their fragrances I am asked to sign in before I can see the that page. That's..unfortunate (and now I am really restraining myself). I am sure I'm not the only one without an account at Fragrantica, so it would be better if you stripped the article of links, or posted it here.


  3. Rappleyea13:12

    Oh, E! Your excitement makes me excited, and lord knows it's been forever now since a new release has excited me. I can't wait to sample these.

    I hope this finds you well.

  4. brie15:39

    i have heard/read about this line before and was quite intrigued back then. The orange one (gosh, I can't remember the name/spelling) with orange blossom and neroli sounds right up my alley and cherry musk my girls would love (they have this thing for cherry blossoms). Great article and good discovery! I also agree with you about Gentile perfumes- haven't tried them yet but I love that they are all natural with wonderful e.o.s and names!

  5. Past april I had the pleasure that Ramon Monegal introduced me his owns perfumes. For me was something unbeleivable. I enjoyed it so much and now I still enjoying his fragances, Agar Musk is my favorite.



  6. brie21:40

    oh I almost forgot that while we are on the subject of niche/indie lines If I may be so bold as to add my "two scents" there are three other brands well worth exploring. The first is Sonoma Scent Studio (Laurie Erickson) whose perfumes have such a vintage feel to them and are very affordable as they come in perfume concentrate. I have tried every fragrance in the line and they are all stunning. The second is Ineke. Not only is the juice quite lovely and there is something for everyone (I have sampled all except for the newest one) but the visual presentation is breathtaking from the boxes, the bottles and even the deluxe sampler. If I could afford it I would get every scent from this line just to display the bottles in my bathroom :) Finally, one I mentioned before, 1000 Flowers (Jessica September Buchanan). So far I have only tried Reglisse Noire (the most delectable anise fragrance out there) but will eventually be owning full bottles of her other two fragrances (fleur no 1 and Narcotic Flowers). I like to support this line not only b/c the perfumes are outstanding but also b/c Jessica gave up all of her worldly possessions to move to France to study perfume and is now trying to eek out a living as a perfumer and almost lost it all due to financial hardship.
    All three lines can be explored online and I implore all perfume lovers to look into them!

  7. Anonymous22:21

    I had the same experience when I first smelled them. Their whole line is amazing !

    Cuirelle is my favorite. Truly beautiful.

  8. Anonymous04:36

    I actually wish you *would* provide links to your other writing, maybe in the blogroll. I'd read it all.

    After a bad asthma attack due to (my own) mainstream perfumes in my own house, I started lurking on the perfume blogs. Perfumeshrine is in a class of its own. You have not only the beauty, but the chemistry and history of perfume.

    So far, I've discovered and purchased natural perfumes from two independent perfumers you've reviewed. They sparkle on my skin and I had no idea these perfumers existed until I found them here. Now I need to figure out how best to sell my. expensive mainstream collection.

    Sorry to be long-winded but I would LOVE to read more of your work. Thank you for posting it.


  9. Miss Heliotrope10:53

    The article bubbles with the enthusiasm you bring to perfumes - and is fun to join. These sound fascinating & I shall have to explore further.

    I am not a member of Fragrantica either, but these things never take that long to join if one wishes.

  10. Parfumista,

    great, more corroboration this is one of the best new lines to make an appearance this year :-)

  11. Bjorn,

    I'm sorry you feel that way. The reason (the only reason) I'm not posting the whole article here however is that officially this is Fragrantica material. Although written by me obviously it was supposed to appear there originally. It's a delicate line of Net etiquette rather than copyright, if you get my drift. :-)
    As far as I know, the registration is still completely free there and you can sign in anonymously or with an alias.

    Nevertheless, I will be most happy to write on the RM line here as promised however so you will be able to read all my thoughts on it in detail, rest assured.

  12. Donna,

    I was not expecting to be thrilled (jaded, who me?) and discovering that there are indeed great things in the line was an utter surprise. I have fallen hard for Mon Cuir so expect a full review soon! But more too! :-)

  13. Brie,

    you should also try the Agar Musk, if you get a chance, a very cuddly cosy interpretation of a derisive issue (oud and dirty musk, I mean).
    I'm sure you mean the Entre Naranjos (between the orange trees). Yes, it's focused on orange blossom and the whole bigaradier tree. ;-)

    The MCG line is especially good, very good quality and surprisingly top drawer in aesthetic effect for an all naturals line (where the effects can seem strained sometimes, but not here!). Get samples pronto!

  14. Maia,

    thanks for commenting and sharing your view of the line. I have to agree with you, I was TOTALLY taken by surprise by the Agar Musk: I expected something like Band-Aids with that thick bitterish scent and was greeted by a MKK ambience. Very cosy! Very naughty! :-)

  15. Brie,

    thanks for the additional info and recs!
    I have indeed reviewed and dabbled in the Laurie and Ineke lines, as I do consider them accomplished artists in their field: I have a few favorites as well... ;-)
    (Perhaps do a search on the names and things will pop up if you're curious)

    The 1000Flowers line is new to me but I have promised to explore it thanks to YOUR guidance. So, duly noted and thanks again for providing the rec. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.

  16. Anon,

    thanks for sharing!

    Yeah, Cuirelle is a great one too. Isn't it beautiful that they not only have one but TWO leathers in the line?

  17. Isabella,

    thank you for your kind compliments on my work here, it honors me to hear so and hope you will come back again and again.
    Thanks also for the suggestion to post more of my work. Perhaps I will think of some way that would not create any conflict of interest.

    I'm so sorry that you have had an adverse reaction to perfume. Surely there is something for everyone out there and it's good that we're going through a renaissance of the naturals field which is exploiting old-time tested essences that seem to behave better on the immune system and the respiratory function. Glad you were able to find some things that did not trigger an attack. Dab ons are best for this, generally, as are oils (less high volatility components obviously).
    And if you ever post your "mainstream" collection for sale anywhere, do drop me a line ;-)

  18. C,

    thanks for the support and the kind words. I'm genuinely moved by some things which I guess transpired through the writing (as opposed to lukewarm impressions of the type "nice but not that great" i.e. Lancome I'm looking at you, LOL)

    Hope you get a chance to try out samples of these, there's something for everyone!

  19. brie12:25

    Thanks! I not see Ineke or SSS listed on the side bar but after putting both names in the search I see that you have reviewed quite a few! i will have plenty of reading to do now! I could spend all day on this site :)

  20. If anyone is interested of some impressions while waiting for the reviews from Perfumeshrine: For the moment I'm going through the Ramon Monegal line and have reviewed some of them here:

    I think the line is so good that each frag requires an own full review and not just some short notices in a overview of the line. More reviews will follow the coming months. When it comes to Maria Candida Gentile I have reviewd some of them:

    and more will follow. Wearing the beautiful Hanbury today and I remember that Perfumeshrine had an excellent review of this one in the beginning of 2012:

  21. Brie,

    you're welcome to do so!

  22. Parfumista,

    I see another enthusiast! How nice!
    Thanks for the additional feedback and for remembering my Hanbury review :-)


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