Friday, May 18, 2012

The Scent of Departure

The new Scent of Departure line —a self-proclaimed “fragrance airline" is based on an exciting concept: a city bottled in a perfume. Created by perfumer Gérald Ghislain (of Histoires de Parfums) and designer Magali Sénéquier, the fragrance line comprises a different scent for 19 top international cities, from Los Angeles to Abu Dabi all the way to Singapore. Named after airport codes (LAX, SIN, etc.), each scent was created with very specific individual ingredients reminiscent of its respective metropolis.


  1. By chance, I happened to walk into Henri Bendel when Ghislain was there to promote them. Nice, light, eau-like, nothing special, but ok; cute bottles, and somewhat inexpensive ($50).

    Bought (and had signed) Vienna for myself (almondy heliotropin, light flowers), and smelled a few more (Dubai is an oud lite, Abu Dhabi a citrusy floral, Milan a mild spicy oriental, Miami a light citrus)


  2. if they were to do an athens one, what do you think it would smell of??

  3. M,

    invaluable info, thank you!! :-)
    GG is nothing if not a screwd businessman, eh?

  4. ΛΝ,

    it would smell of bigaradiers (bitter orange trees/νερατζιες) in bloom, jasmine vines in the night, car exhaust, lots of cigarette ash and mahlep coming out of bakeries.
    I picture it as a smoky floral gourmand. :-P

  5. Morticia19:54

    Elena, I would love the one if it were available in Athens. Ummm

  6. Mort,

    let's hope they get ideas... ;-)

  7. ΛΔ,

    the club is growing. Athens (VENIZELOS) Scent of Departure NOW!!


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