Thursday, May 17, 2012

Donors for the Department of the Olfactory Art: An Eclectic Crowd

The Scent exhibit curated by Chandler Burr at the Department of the Olfactory Art at the Museum of Arts & Design in NYC is going strong. Donations form the backbone of any scientific or artistic venture with any hope of distinguishing itself so it's heartening to hear things go well for Burr's project.

For 2012 the lookout looks like this:
The Estée Lauder Companies:  Founding Major Donor
Chanel:  Major Donor (both 2012 and 2013)
P&G Prestige:  Major Donor
Hermès:  Major Donor IFF Major Donor
Guerlain:  Funder
Arcade:    Funder
WFFC:    Friend

The donors of the Department of Olfactory Art fall into the following categories
 Friends: $5,000 to $24,900
Supporters: $25,000 to 49,000
Funders: $50,000 to $99,000
Major Donors: $100,000 and above

 Looks like both the industry has embraced this innovative approach of appreciating the juice itself and that the money is flowing freely to support this venture. All around wishes for the best outcome!


  1. Good news.

    But I wonder if they'll also provide vintage stuff to smell, Osmotheque style. I'm afraid that they'll just provide the current stuff - making sniffers wonder what all this chypre or jasmine talk is about.


  2. Miss Heliotrope01:33

    American places like this usually also offer chances for "normal" donors. It would be interesting to know what regular people can & do give. These companies have an interest in this department, but to see how the general public donates would demonstrate their level of interest.

  3. Many thanks to the donors and all others making this project possible!

  4. M,

    no, there is no vintage juice. This is covered by Osmotheque. The focus of this exhibit is to disassociate scent impression from brand, image and presentation. Just that.
    I don't even think there will be talk about the accords (chypre) or not, unless someone is interested. There will be prep talk around the evolution of perfumery, so that one is guided through the changes in style.

  5. MH,

    that's actually a good idea. I have no solid info on whether this is actually done or encouraged. I will update if I hear more.

  6. Anat,

    nice of you to say so.


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