Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another Serge Lutens Export Fragrance becomes Paris Exclusive?

It was all too short ago that we had announced first on these pages that an export perfume circulating at select Lutens stockists in Europe as well as the US had become a Paris exclusive: it was Rousse.  But that was not all...

Now we learn officially that another one from the exports reverts to the alma mater at Palais Royal, to be encased in the bell jars: This time it's Louve. The online Lutens boutique still stocks it in the spray bottles, so it might stay on both catalogues. (like Ambre Sultan and Fleurs d'Oranger)


  1. Anonymous20:36

    Fine - this one made my teeth ache!

  2. Anon,

    it was certainly among the sweet ones. But he has many sweet ones in his line and some are -despite that- excellent. I think the trouble with Louve (as with Rahat) is it's not rising over the competition.

  3. The name couldn't be more apt : soft and fluffy in the beginning, this one bites in the end; way too musky for my taste.

    I wonder how it will fare regarding Rahat Loukoum, now that both are at the Palais Royal in bell jars.

  4. Airbureau,

    with an inordinate amount of delay: thanks for commenting.

    I guess there are duos of everything in the range, so why not two "loukhoums"? There are now 3 sandalwoods, 2 tuberoses, 2 jasmines, and on and on...
    I guess both Louve and RL are too sweet for me. And you probably ;-)


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