Thursday, February 2, 2012

The French Recognize Perfumery as Art

‘Le Ministère se met au parfum’, a new interactive exhibition at the Palais Royal in Paris has opened to show the history of perfumes and the know-how of perfumers. At the inauguration, the French Minister of Culture acknowledged perfumery as an art. The honorific order of “Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres” has been bestowed to 5 great perfumers : Daniela Andrier (Givaudan), Françoise Caron (Takasago), Olivier Cresp (Firmenich), Dominique Ropion (IFF) and Maurice Roucel (Symrise). Must have felt good.


  1. I'm repeating myself from two days ago. But why do they pay lip service to honoring perfumers and perfumery, while then allowing their masterpieces to be defaced by IFRA regulations and neglect?

    I wonder if said exhibition will talk about the restrictions and the subsequent reformulations of mitsouko etc etc


  2. M,

    good question. They were (to quote a perfumer) "caught sleeping on the wheel".


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