Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scratch & Sniff Jeans: Get your Posterior to Smell Like Raspberries

Blowing a raspberry might get a brand new meaning if you're wearing the new Weird Guy Scratch n’ Sniff Raspberry Scented jeans from Naked & Famous! This Canadian brand boasts of using only raw denim manufactured at a traditional mill in Japan, so quality shouldn't be a concern, but are you ready for having your bottom smelling like raspberries every time there's friction?

How it works? Raspberry perfume was coated all over the denim, hundreds of tiny micro-scent capsules that break when you scratch the surface (that's the same technology employed for scent strips for magazines) and then baked into them. Naked & Famous claims that the scent can last up to five washes! If you go as far as washing once every 3 months as recommended by some ~hard-core, surely~ jean purists (so as to supposedly preserve color & texture), you'd be set for aromatic wearings for 15 months!
The jeans retail for €150 ($165 USD) and are available for purchase online at Colette .


  1. Meh. I countersprayed the local bathrooms to combat the awful faux bouquet toilet freshener and now the place smells of vanilla and oakmoss. Much better than raspberries.

  2. Call me when they soak them with Chanel No. 5.

  3. I might find it interesting if they made them smell like sawdust or something like that ... something that fits with the image of jeans, and smells clean and dry instead of sticky and sweet.

    I'm just imagining what it smells like when someone wearing raspberry scented jeans farts, and I imagine it would be horrible. Horrible, horrible horrible.

  4. I had to laugh at your last paragraph Proximity, cause I was thinking the exact same thing. I love keeping up with the latest fashion trend, but think I will pass on this.

  5. L,

    ha! Good girl!
    We get a vat full of musky powder in our own restrooms (practically everywhere you go). I don't know why they think it's pleasant. It might be, mind you, in homeopathic dilutions, but so very much is akin to choking.

  6. SS,

    that might be an idea! I'd love that.

  7. A,

    urgh...now you have me imagining all sort of wrong images! :-D
    Yeah, sawdust might be good and would be pleasant I bet coming from a fabric. I'd be cool with a woody or slightly musky scent as well.

  8. Roddy,

    exactly, how could anyone in the brain-storming room miss that? "Gee, let's make something that would camouflage a lousy fart, shall we?"


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