Monday, December 12, 2011

Robert Pattinson's of Twilight Saga Favourite Fragrance

In this endless roller-coaster of what celebrities do and what they like, when said celebrities are not issuing a fragrance themselves, we're busy asking what perfume celebrities are wearing. In the case of Robert Pattinson, notably Edward in the Twilight films series, the question isn't exactly a simple one.

Reportedly the rising Brit star has a thing for the artistically crafted Serge Lutens line of fragrances with the conceptual rationale behind it. He rotates between them, taking care to completely empty one bottle of cologne before buing the next one. I guess he's a serial monogamist so to speak, in what regards perfume choice at least.


  1. I know he may get a lot of flack by virtue of being in Twilight, but I actually think he's quite a thoughtful young man. Interesting to see his perfume choices.

  2. S,

    obviously his scent choice shows a hidden side which is quite intriguing to discover!

  3. Wow, great taste! 'Wonder if he likes Iris Silver Mist?

  4. LaBoheme,

    that would be pushing it! LOL :D
    But it's a most interesting choice all the same and I think it reveals a side of Pattinson that we hadn't really thought of much before. At least I hadn't.


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