Monday, December 12, 2011

Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian on Video: A Nose for Scents

Thanks to sillage/pol for bringing this to my attention


  1. What on earth was he doing in Dallas and why wasn't I there to hit on him?

  2. SS,

    last I heard he's playing for the other team, so don't fret too much
    It would have been nice to chat up to him though.

  3. Anonymous00:47

    he's really lovely in person! got to meet him here in houston. easy to talk with, and really cool. i'm a big fan of his and his lumiere noire.


  4. Lucky, lucky J. He's among those I would have a million things to ask of. He has a distinctive style and a knack for knowing what will go down well with the consumer.
    Love his Absolue pour le soir as well :-)


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