Monday, November 7, 2011

Loulou de la Falaise Klossowski: 1948-2011

The muse of Yves Saint Laurent, the designer of his eponymous jewels and her own jewellery & accessories line (Maison de Loulou) is no longer with us, after her battle with a long-protracted disease. She left her last breath on Saturday, November 5th at the age of 63.

Loulou's mother and a major influence, Maxime de la Falaise, was an English model and socialite who married a French count. Loulou met Yves in that social milieu in the mid-1960s. Instead of her being intrigued by him, he was mesmerized by her style, her eyes, her figure and her attitude.They quickly became joined at the hip, re-writing couture history together. After Yves's death in 2008, they're now re-united at last...
Her style will continue to inspire me and thousands of women across the world. 

Photo of Loulou de la Falaise in YSL shirt & jewels by Ali Madhavi via
Loulou de la Falaise smoking in YSL fashions, via


  1. One of my style heroes. The world is a little less gorgeous without her.

  2. She's a loss....I always admired her style and her boho growing up.

    Then again, I'm still not over the fact that YSL himself is gone. He was among the very, very greatest in everything he did. *sigh*

  3. Fiordiligi11:24

    I was very sorry to hear of her death; hadn't realised she was ill. What a stylish woman she was.

  4. Yup, it's sad to hear of talented people die. :-(


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