Sunday, November 13, 2011

Evelyn Lauder: 1936-2011

Pink was Evelyn H. Lauder's colour. The breast health advocate and founder of the Pink Ribbon campaign working for Estée Lauder for more than 50 years (she was Leonard Lauder's wife) died from ovarian cancer at her Manhattan home. 
She will be fondly remembered for all her action in the support of women, her graciousness and her kind manner.

photo of Evelyn Lauder and Greek designer Dukas who designed the latest pink bracelet for the campaign against breast cancer via ermoumag


  1. Morticia02:15

    Judith Ripka (jewelry designer) made a bracelet in honor of Evelyn Lauder's work. The bracelet has a heart pendent that is paved with pink stones. I percent of the sales of this bracelet goes to their charity.

  2. That's good to know!! Thank you :-)
    It's sad to hear of people's -who made a difference- passing, but hopefully their work will be sustained and we can help that.

  3. Thanks for the Article!- RIP Mrs. Lauder- She brought so much awareness to the plight of
    breast cancer & encouraged so many others to support the movement to become involved on a very basic level!

  4. Nyao,

    indeed she did. And for that, all women should be thankful.
    Thanks for commenting!


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