Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mona di Orio Discontinuations: Waving Good bye

I don't know if writing has the power to change the world, but it might have the power to halt certain small enterprises from pushing product to interested members: Mona di Orio has been steadily producing fragrances that are really unusual and -many of them- beautiful, but after a long deliberation she has decided to stop her original line in favour of focusing on her new one, Les Nombres d'Or (Cuir, Ambre, Musc and recently Vetyver, Vanille and Tubereuse) . Therefore, if you have been a fan of Jabu, Chamarre, Nuit Noire, Amyitis, Lux, Oiro, or Carnation, you should hang on to your bottles. (My friend Gaia has posted reviews of almost the entire house, if you don't know anything about it)

The news come from the official Mona di Orio Facebook page and are uncontestable:
 "To be able to broaden the Les Nombres d’Or line in the future, to provide a service excellence and having the adequate stock levels we have decided, for the time being, to discontinue the Grey Collection and focus on the Les Nombres d’Or line. We hope and trust you will understand and respect our decision. We know we have to disappoint some of our loyal followers and believers since day one, but we are convinced that the new Mona di Orio fragrances will give you pleasure, passion and surprises. High Quality materials and a unique approach of classics in the perfumerie. We have stock of some references (not all) available for ordering, please check at your local retailer or at for final deliveries."


  1. NOOOO! i adore nuit noire...there's nothing else like it on my skin. i fervently wish that this gets reconsidered...?!

  2. No, is the word...I hope that at least Nuit Noire and Carnation continue to be in production. But it sounds unlikely...

  3. I was so saddened to hear about this several weeks ago. I truly consider Jabu and Carnation to be masterpieces, and I also love the quirkiness of Amyitis, and to a lesser degree, Nuit Noire.

    The new Tubereuse is lovely, but I am definitely mourning the passing of her original line. She is one of my favorite perfumers, and I hope that her business does well in the future.


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