Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mona di Orio "Les Nombres d'Or" ~Ambre, Musc & Cuir: new fragrances

Mona di Orio, the author behind an eclectic and quirky collection of individual scents, among which the stellar, intimate Carnation, is launching a new trio of fragrances centered on three emblematic notes: amber, musk and leather. Mona di Orio was inspired by a mathematical concept, the Golden Rule, for her new creations, saying following the rules of proportion was result in a harmonious melody and naming the collection Les Nombres d'Or (Golden Numbers). The notes for the new Les Nombres d' Or Ambre, Musc and Cuir are as follows:

AMBRE – Les Nombres d’Or: Atlas cedar, Comores Ylang ylang concrete, benzoin, Tolu balsam, Madagascar vanilla absolute.
MUSC – Les Nombres d’Or: Neroli, angelica, rose, heliotrope, Tonka bean absolute, musk.
CUIR – Les Nombres d’Or: Cardamom, artemisia, leather, cade oil, opoponax, castoreum.

notes & pic via extrait.it


  1. Fernando17:21

    Everyone has to release sets these days. But if these are inspired by the golden number, why three of them? There's only one golden number...

  2. Ah, phi. I miss the days when I taught in an environment where I could wear a shirt that read (in symbol) "Phi on Pi"... ;)

    I wonder if perhaps the variations on Phi are meant to reflect each main element expressed through the Golden Number? Though I admit it does beg the question Fernando poses.

  3. Anonymous21:13

    Right, why three "nombres d'or" ? There is only one....or may be Mona di Orio is looking for it !

  4. F,

    you got a good point! I believe she wants to show that the application of the golden number could produce infinite artworks of great value? A theory...

  5. S,

    who can argue with that? I would have missed that opportunity too.

    Yup, there is some trouble with explaining it. I hope she will tell us more in the near future.

  6. Anon,

    I don't know how to interpret this. Only Mona could answer your comment.


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