Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marc Jacobs on the Power of Internet & Perfume

During Marc Jacob's stay in Berlin, he gave an interview on July 6, 2011, as he was invited to be a judge for the “Designer for Tomorrow” competition by Peek & Cloppenburg. The following excerpts are interesting to perfume enthusiasts who follow his brand.
What is your opinion of perfume, and how is it important to you?
MJ: “Perfume is very important. I love being involved in different sorts of projects, and perfume was very interesting. I never dreamed that one day I will create one, but I think it’s a rite of passage to be being taken as a serious designer. When the opportunity came, I went for it. It was an incredible and exciting experience working with Coty- we are now on our fifth fragrance. Commercially, working with perfume it is very exciting because it reaches more people than haute couture because it is easier to obtain. It was also very interesting for me as well to collaborate on the imagery with [photographer] Jürgen Teller and to be involved in the invention of the bottle, the package and the juice – it’s very exciting work. I love it. ”

Can you tell us how important the Internet is for you?
MJ: “Our life has literally changed with the Internet- any type of information is now instantly available, and people have become more involved on all levels and are more open than ever before. As for the young generation, there is no border between male and female and as they consider “what’s right and what’s wrong,” their judgement is not as clearly defined as it is in older generations, making them more open to creativity, new forms of expression and views. At least that’s what I try to believe. The Internet is a wonderful mode of communication. It’s a very democratic tool, and just for that, it should be accessible by everyone.”

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  1. I think that since the advent of the internet and credit or debit cards, my shopping habits have changed and not always for the better. I get that companies and people are out there to make money. But there has been a shift in attitude, at least in the US. I think that the internet has played a part in the 'got to have it now' mentality.

  2. Issey Miyake14:12

    Cant wait to try this wondering what the bottle looks like and what the notes are? hopefully they will release information soon it shouldn't still be kept a secret when its being released in 2 months whats the big secret. Burberry has released more info on the girl in the advert and the advert then the fragrance itself hopefully it wont disappoint.

  3. E,

    indeed!! The Net makes it easy. It both creates a need and a demand and it also minimises the exclusivity factor of some things, which I find a particularly interesting bipolar focus to ignore.

  4. Issey,

    in the eagerness to comment you commented on the wrong spot. I think you meant to comment on Burberry Body?


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