Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Francis Kurkdjian for British Elle: Win a Rare Autographed Bottle of Elle 25

How would you feel if your favourite fashion magazine engaged one of the most acclaimed young perfumers to fix a special fragrance for you? And on top of that made it in extremely limited quantities as to be able to call this "your very own"? Good idea? British Elle had just that thought when they asked Francis Kurkdjian, the perfumer behind such blockbusters such as Le Male and Narciso for Herto create a bespoke pefume, called, Elle 25 for the 25th anniversary of British Elle magazine.

This special edition is available in just 25 bottles, each of them signed by perfumer. Francis explains his vision: "She is a woman of many emotions who is liberated, humorous, tender and elegant". The Elle 25 fragrance notes include: floral bouquet accord, cedarwood essential oil, musk and a chypre base, according to British Elle.

The only way to own the perfume is to take part in the contest organized by Elle UK: "Write your own brief for bringing ELLE to life as a scent in under 70 words and email it to elle25@hf-uk.com by 1st October. The best 25 entries will win a bottle of ELLE25 signed by Francis".

Bearing in mind that such efforts have in the past produced a beautiful tuberose, all lush and expansive, for the similarly limited commemorative edition Guerlain Marie Claire, we're optimistic that this isn't just marketing drivel.


  1. I am more than a little amazed by this current mania for company-specific bespoke fragrances. I suppose it's a good thing if it allows talents like Kurkdjian to prosper, but I'm deeply skeptical as to whether something like this (mass market disguised as bespoke) can really be that good. Is Elle magazine going to let Kurkdjian spend the kind of money on ingredients that resulted in something as fabulous as his gorgeous Enlevement au Serail? Seems doubtful.

  2. I'm quite certain that the budget is not in the high echelons. ;)
    But who knows? Pretty exciting stuff can also be rendered on the cheap, assuming there is creativity and resourcefulness. I kinda think that Francis has respun some of his ideas, possibly those which were rejected at other briefs, but it remains to be seen by the lucky few who win this!

  3. I don't quite understand what Elle is asking for. Is it to write a brief for a perfume which has already been composed? Or to write a brief for a fragrance which does not yet exist?

  4. Mort,

    hi! :-)

    I believe they want people to write a paragraph about how the perfume supposedly would make them feel, how they envision the wearer (the Elle mag reader in essence!). You could always email and ask them directly and see what they reply! And then let us know as well.


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