Monday, September 6, 2010

Buzz by The Sun: Tabloid Perfume

Did you think that the celebrity perfume business was a tired concept? After thousands of A-, B- and Z-listers having their very own celebo-fragrance out, now it's the time to see something unusual: A famous tabloid, UK's The Sun collaborated with no less than Roja Dove (of Guerlain and Harrods Haute Parfumerie fame) to bring out their new fragrance, aptly called...Buzz!

Taking inspiration from The Sun, Dove has created Buzz, a perfume that embodies the glamour of a movie premiere and the excitement of a red carpet line up. To create the scent, Dove has created a heady blend of the effortless style of Sarah-Jessica Parker, the charisma of Sophia Loren, the intoxicating sass of Beyonce Knowles and the girl-next-door charm of Cheryl Cole. Speaking of his exciting project with The Sun, Roja Dove said:
“Collaborating with The Sun is an unusual step for me. In my work I create bespoke one-off fragrances for individual clients so I was surprised when I was asked to create a scent for a newspaper. “However, I’ve always loved the idea that everybody should be able to share the world of exquisite fragrance. Working with the biggest newspaper in the English speaking world is a fantastic opportunity for me to bring my world and my work to a wider audience and share the magic of fragrance".
Entertainment comes in many guises but the one thing it should do is feel good and leave us buzzing with happy memories. Buzz Eau de Parfum opens with a blend of bright, breezy citrus notes where Bergamot reigns supreme, before leading directly to a sensual heart of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang which capture the glamour of the Oscars, BAFTAs, opening nights and debuts, before revealing a soft layering base of Vanilla and Sandalwood, that enhance all sensations of pleasure, evocative of a red-carpet moment.

Buzz eau de parfum will be sold at £59 per 50ml from September onwards at the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie on the fifth floor of Harrods. More details can be found at

What do you think? Is this an original concept or what? Do you have expectations from the juice?


  1. Fiordiligi14:26

    I had to do a double-take: are we SURE it isn't April 1? I'm still not sure I believe it but I will find out soon enough with my visit to the Perfume Diaries exhibition this Thursday!

    Roja, I think you are having a little bit of fun with us.

  2. Apparently D, they're dead serious!! I got the press release and everything. It does sound like nothing we know Roja to be involved in, yet I believe from what my contact says that the involvment of Roja was what gave credence to the project (and "made it interesting to work for", and I quote)



  3. Oh and eagerly anticipating the Thursday report on the sightings and smellings ;-)

    Have fun!!!!

  4. Eeeeuuuwww re: the description. And the label design is...pathetic.


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