Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fresh Index: Bringing Back Favourites by Public Demand

"Exclusive to Fresh retail stores, The Fragrance Bar features nostalgic favorites brought back by consumer-request. These fragrances are available "on tap". Create your own library of scents. Explore fragrance layering; design a signature combination!"
Scents in Eau de Parfum concentration include:
Cucumber Baie(crisp greens and sheer florals)
Patchouli Pure (woodsy with spice and warm undertones)
Pear Cassis (crisp fruity floral with green undertones)
Tobacco Caramel (sweet woodsy with honey)
Violet Moss (powdery floral with earthy armoise)

Check The Fragrance Bar page on the Fresh website.


  1. The reality behind this is very interesting .
    I recently chatted with Lev's 'right-hand'.
    This is supposed to mimic Caron's urns; the bottles, presentation, etc., are to lend an air of exclusivity.

    They will not be refillable, according to what I've heard- more like a keepsake.
    Then, some will be 'retired', and another few fragrances will replace them...
    Very clever.

  2. Ida,

    aha!! Well, now, there's no comparison. But as you say, a clever turn by Fresh. The matter of exclusivity has known a very big boost a couple of years ago and then -I personally feel- it deflated a bit recently. Have they perhaps missed the boat on this one?
    Then again man/woman is a creature desiring most what is denied him/her, so limited availability is sure to drive sales up! ;-)


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