Tuesday, September 28, 2010

F.Malle to personally appear at Barneys to introduce Home Collection

"Freddie is like a fabulous character out of Proust. The mysterious cult of Frederic Malle draws followers from the grooviest and most sophisticated nooks and crannies of art, movies and fashion. With the introduction of the home collection Fréderic is taking his subtle, intoxicating magic to a wider audience," said Simon Doonan, Barneys New York's creative director.

Malle home collection of fragrances (candles, fleur mécanique and the new metal diffuser, you can read about them here and here) are introduced at Barneys stores across the US. Building on its legacy of launching exclusive products, Barneys will be the only specialty retailer to carry the collection in the U.S (in select stores and online at barneys.com). Malle himself will make personal appearences to private viewings for his most devoted customers.

Meet Frederic Malle at the following "Barneys New York" flagship stores:
Las Vegas - Wednesday, September 29, 4:30-6:30 PM
Scottsdale - Friday, October 1, 6-8 PM
Beverly Hills - Saturday, October 2, 4-6 PM
Chicago - Wednesday, October 6, 5-7 PM
New York – Friday, October 8, 5-7 PM

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  1. "FREDDIE"???? Seriously, Simon...

  2. It's all a little too personal!!


  3. Anonymous03:44

    ha. just got to meet him yesterday, and he's definitely not a freddie! by any stretch. you are too funny.



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