Wednesday, September 29, 2010

L'Art de Rene Lalique: new perfume book

The anniversary of 15o years since the birth of René Lalique, one of the most prestigious jewellers and crystal-makers of the 20th century, is marked by a new publication, penned by an expert historian on the perfume industry, Christie Mayer Lefkowith.

The new book is the end result of several years of research and includes numerous, beautiful illustrations of perfume flacons that will interest both the bottle collector and the perfume enthusiast. The most interesting element of course is the analysis of the artistic inspiration behind the creations, often combining glass-making with jewel design.
The book is issued on October 1st.

"L’art de René Lalique, flacons et boîtes à poudre", Christie Mayer Lefkowith, editions Lalique, 98€.

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  1. Fiordiligi17:32

    Oh no, another book I have to have! Off to try and order it now.


  2. Oh this would be a wonderful book!
    Just look at the bottles on the cover--- what would be inside!!!

  3. D,

    sent a clarification. I think the boutique should be aware of it!

  4. M,

    yup, that's why I thought the reporting was needed. Just fondling the glossy paper, seeing all the cosmetic and jewellery and perfume designs...How marvellous and what a great way to past a Sunday afternoon when it's pouring outside.

  5. "to pass"....argh....typos, typos, I'm too quick and I slip.


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