Friday, July 9, 2010

The winners of the draw....

...for the Aftelier giveaway are: Lilacskin, Mimi Gardenia, Lavanya & arch.memory.
Congratulations, you get to pick your scented prize!
Please email me using the contact on the Profile or About page with your shipping address and your preferred prize, so I can notify Mandy to have your prizes in the mail for you soon.
Thanks for the participation everyone and till the next one!


  1. Cheryl G.00:54

    Hi Elena,
    I have to say, and with all due respect, the winners of the Aftelier draw did not follow the instructions. You said to name the 4 flowers on the postcards from Grasse. Violet was NOT one of them. Sorry, what can I say, I'm a teacher. If I'm wrong, then I'm just an ass.

  2. Cheryl,

    thanks for letting me know!!
    I just checked the winners and they mostly provided the 4 flowers I requested from the postcards. (It's true that most people included violets, upping the count to 5 flowers instead of the 4 asked) and I did the pick through all those submissions. I did just now edit out one winner who didn't name all the 4 correct flowers, though. Will provide the new name in a sec. Sorry about the confusion.
    Yours was absolutely correct!

  3. Adding that violets do appear on a vintage postcard, on the liquid perfumes page, but they're not named (in French) like the rest of them are. FWIW.


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