Monday, May 3, 2010

Jean Louis Dumas of Hermes: 1938-2010

Jean-Louis Dumas, more well-known as "tête d'Hermès" for 28 years (1978-2006) and fifth-generation descendant of the historic family running the house (son of one of the four daughters of Emile Hermès), has died last Saturday, 1st of May after a long battle with disease.

Instrumental to the continued prestige and the awakened interest in the house, he believed:
"My role is to embelish the garden with creative talent and exceptional know-how [...] Hermès is chic: this state of grace in which one simply knows how to carry a bag, a dress, or a coat."

Rest in peace, Jean-Louis...

Photo of Jean Louis Dumas via Philippe-Burlet

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