Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Honore des Pres We Love NY: new fragrances

The project by mischievously ~and fictiously~ named brand Honoré des Prés with perfumer Olivia Giacobetti at the stirring wheel is continuing: After the first batch of Eccocert-guaranteed "green" fragrances composed by only natural essences (but competently smelling like proper fragrance and not an aromatherapy blend or insect repellant), which we had reviewed in detail on this article, a new trio of fragrances, collecively called We Love NY, is launching. The house is boasting its credentials as "truly organic, terribly French" but it seems they're taking a west Atlantic coast detour with their new offerings which wink at the US market. Olivia Gicobetti according to the press release is intent on an "excess of raw essence" and to "extract the intense buzz of the Big Apple".

The three new Honoré des Prés fragrances are:
*I Love les Carottes, a composition blending carrot flower grains with Caribian vanilla, sweet orange and orris butter.
*Vamp à N.Y, based on tuberose (very au courant as a note), rhum and three secret balms.
*Love Coco , focusing on the marriage of coconut milk and coriander leaf is touted as "the ideal potion to get married in NY".

The We Love NY triptych of fragrances come in 50 ml (76 euros each) of Eau de Parfum in eco-conscious plastic containers, recalling coffee take-away packaging; so New York City it hurts!
Global launch on 17th of May 2010. More details on the official site soon.


  1. Love coco sounds interesting. i think it its hard to pull off coconut notes, but the coriander might work nicely in that context. hmmm

  2. LBV,

    I find coconut notes really hard to wear too (in fact I almost never wear them) so I can sympathise.
    Seeing as these are organic fragrances, I expect this will definitely not be reminiscent of those ghastly hanging pine synth things! ;)

  3. think these sounds fun and unusual- though I hate too much coriander, be interesting to see how it works in this scent- in food I like it to be there but only whispering

  4. K,

    the press release is full of tease, and Olivia has proven herself more than capable! I just hope these stick around more than their welcome unlike the first batch (lovely but very fleeting).

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