Thursday, March 11, 2010

"You could smell him coming a mile off"

"When Diddy hit Blighty for an extraordinary seven-hour booze bender" begins the article on the which talks about how Puff Diddy played the diva (deus?) game the other night in London and stayed awake not to miss anything. But what's more impressive is how he had perfume henchmen spraying his "Unforgiven" fragrance all around, so people could smell him coming a mile off, according to one attendee "but you could hardly see him under all that mist from the perfume". Argh, argh....
"The megastar rapper transformed into Diva Diddy and was followed around by personal perfume sprayers who squirted his Sean John fragrance every 20 minutes. But clubbers were choking with laughter at one of the exclusive bars graced by the 40-year-old, when the DJ who was spinning his tracks started gagging after too much scent came his way. But not to worry, Diddy had someone acting as a walking coathanger there to waft it away"


  1. And rather pathetically funny too!

  2. Good Grief! ROFL! that reminds me of the old Polo days - remembering when you could smell a passing Poloite 20 minutes after he'd passed - on a busy street! LOL!

    Poor Did. What a maroon.


  3. Mystic Knot12:35

    An ego as large as his sillage.......

  4. A,

    Polo sure is a very distinctive sillage-monster!
    Do you suppose the sales for Unforgiven are down and he's trying to rekindle interest in it? ;-)

  5. MK,

    that could have been a tag line! It even rhymes!! *high five*

  6. ... this just portrays a fundamental misunderstanding of how perfume should be used to best effect.
    *sigh* oh well.

    It also reminds me of a hilarious bit of Michael McIntyre stand-up I heard recently ... he was talking about buying a dress for his wife, and how it was so expensive, and then she wanted a clutch to go with it, which was £500. He said that for £500 he could hire a human being to follow her around holding her cell phone and lipstick instead!

  7. P,

    LOL!! Ain't that the truth, I bet whoever would be the hired carrier would get to have some fun too. So, good work done all around.

    "Gives perfume a bad name" could be a perfect motto?


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