Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Plaza NYC introduces fragrance collection

You know there's something in perfume-as-the-new-It when hotels are launching their own fragrance lines...Costes was in the vanguard; now The Plaza is trodding in their footsteps with what seems like a lifestyle frag line.
The Plaza (www.ThePlaza.com), New York ’s iconic hotel, recently debuted a signature fragrance collection, fittingly titled The Plaza. The collection includes an eau de parfum, a candle, and soap (fittingly these are all exclusively sold at The Plaza Beauty at The Shops at The Plaza). There are plans to introduce additional exclusive scents to the hotel’s fragrance collection later this year.
The fragrance was created exclusively for The Plaza by one of the world’s "most celebrated perfumeries, Krigler, a 5th generation fragrance house" using "exceptional ingredients from around the world". The Plaza fragrance has top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, verbena heart, Texan cedar, oud, and iris, delicately balanced with undertones of amber, precious wood, and leather. The result they tell us is "an elegant bouquet that evokes the very essence of the landmark hotel – classic, timeless and romantic".
“We looked to The Plaza’s rich history situated on Central Park and Fifth Avenue to seek inspiration,” said Kristin Franzese, Executive Vice President, Retail. “The Plaza fragrance captures a moment in time. We wanted to create a modern scent that appeals to women who share the same dreams and aspirations inspired by the romance and classicism of one of New York ’s most iconic and glamorous destinations.”


  1. Anonymous05:00

    That's so fantastic, i can't wait to smell it!

  2. Anonymous05:01

    Do you know if we can purchase it online?



  3. I wonder whether once someone will say, instead of 'exceptional and exclusive ingredients' something more probable. Like, 'hey, it's a heap of aromachemicals which are mostly no big deal'. Because, after all, one can make an expensive mess from all that dust from Mars and oranges from the top of the mountain.

  4. Anon,

    you sound very enthusiastic, hopefully it might be as good as Costes.

  5. Petra,

    for the time being it's an exclusive at the Plaza (which makes sense I suppose since they actually want to promote their shopping centre in the hotel).
    But who knows, it might become available online later on!

  6. Linda,

    I'm eagerly awaiting for it too, but not in this lifetime, unless it comes from Christopher Brosius or something. Dust on the Mars, it was sold on Ebay some time ago, I recall?



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