Thursday, March 4, 2010

Parfums Piguet Re-issuing Another Classic

Robert Piguet is known for their excellent reconstructions of their old vintage portfolio, from Fracas and Bandit all the way down to the more recent Baghari, Cravache, Visa and Futur. It seems that the committee at Fashion Fragrances and Cosmetics and Joe Garces, who own the licence for the Robert Piguet brand of perfumes, have scored on the perfect resurrection: the magnificently individual and long-lost Calypso, on which we had rhapsodized in a manner befitting the ancient bard theme a while ago, is being re-issued with much fanfare. The official site declares: "A unique and powerful fragrance from Robert Piguet will be unveiled soon - check back often for release announcements."
Calypso then, you might as well get all revved up! Can you colour me super-excited!

The information is concrete, corroborated and beyond any doubt.

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Thanks to youstink and neoty26 for drawing my attention to it.


  1. Wouldn't THAT be divine !
    Aurelien G., encore ?

    [Most likely ;-) ]

  2. I have a shop that sells Piguet so I hope it comes our way too!

  3. wow! perhaps you will do one of your famous decants??? here's hoping...

    xo A

  4. Ida,

    I should think so! It seems like he's got the patent on those.
    The vintage is spectacular, so good!

  5. M,

    I sincerely hope so! I believe it should be an end of the year thing, so don't despair if you don't see it around soon.
    It's all very exciting, I had been waiting for this re-release.

  6. A,

    if the reconstruction is faithful to the idea of the original you can bet on it! :-)

  7. NancyC14:28

    Sounds delicious. I can hardly wait to try it!

  8. N,

    you and me and everyone should! The vintage is lovely at any rate.

  9. Ah, sounds marvelous! I've been curious ever since reading your review of the vintage. The world needs more green florals out there.

  10. D,

    thanks darling, I think you'd like that one in vintage. Do try to score some if you can, it's very lovely. Let's hope the new version is as beautiful.

  11. Anonymous19:04

    hi Elena, this sounds very interesting! we will be able to compare to the vintage!
    after calypso, the last to be reissued would surely be piguet musk blanc, but I think this one is from end 60's or even 70's, then less precious!


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