Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jacomo Art Collection: Awakening of the Sleeping Beauty

The luxe brand Jacomo, which has graced us with the liquid emeralds of Silences and the elegant Anthracite pour homme and pour femme is back after its acquisition by the group Sarbec Cosmetics which had put it to slumber. A new art-inspired collection, of which the three first instalments ~in proper niche numerical fashion~ are being issued as we speak, is promising to put Jacomo back on the map of luxury perfumery where it deserves to be. Established in the 1970s, Jacomo has always travelled a bit under the radar for those not immersed in French perfumery. Yet their undeniable attention to detail in composing their perfumes has created a mini-cult.

Now, Jacomo hopes to revive the name by inviting artistis to paint for the packaging of the new perfumes, named 09, 02 and 08.

Gourmand 09 is packaged in orange and is a spicy fruity woody formula that combines notes of citron, orange pulp, pink pepper, mango, cinnamon, vanille, praline and sandalwood. The artist creating an aquarelle for the box is Stina Person, who drew women's legs in heels and fishnets to denote the playful character of the juice inside.
Oriental leathery 02 is packaged in yellow, encompassing notes of bergamot, lily, amber, vanilla, patchouli, and tonka bean. The illustrator Cecilia Carlstedt gives it a face of a bohemian woman from the 1970s, flower in her hair and all; perhaps as a nod to the past of the brand?
The aromatic 08 is embottled in shocking pink (the emblem of India) and illustrated by Daniel Egnéus in green sketches of ganesh protectors, an allusion that refers to the composition inspired by India's Massala tea, with its accords of cardamom, ginger, and black tea. The formula is extending it with notes of freesia, a milk accord, and dried fruits. Honey, cinnamon and amber contribute to the base notes of the third Jacomo fragrance in the triptych.

Art Collection by Jacomo will be available at Beauty Success, Passion Beauté, some Sephora stores and select department stores in eau de parfum in 50 ml (54 euros) and 100 ml (72 euros).
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  1. Not that I'd mind the companies making plain bottles but this would-be niche thingy is getting boring.

  2. Are you going to be trying these soon? It may be a while before the these beauties make it over to the I might have to live through you vicariously. They sound dreamy......

  3. I love Silences - these will be fun to explore! Perhaps they will show up at the Chicago Sephora(s)


  4. I love Silences, too, and I really like the sound of the Indian tea scent. I know Jacomo had a Silences Purple edition - did you ever try it? Not sure of how it differs from Silences in the black bottle.

  5. I also love Silences, and Parfum Rare, which no on ever talks about. These new scents don't sound like my sort of thing, but you never know. I'll be interested to read reviews.

  6. BG, we share if you didn't know ;-)

    While I realy DO enjoy the artwork, I'd hate to see all the bucks go on presentation , shunting the jus aside...

  7. L,

    it seems that everyone is bringing out their own little "niche" thingy, correct on that. Still, Jacomo is a brand I respect. Hope they do justice to the name, the new "hands" who are responsible for its licence should prove themselves.

  8. Marko,

    hopefully, will report back if they catch my interest! ;-)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. A,

    Silcences is marvellous and so underrated...I think it would be good if you phoned your Sephora and asked, can't hurt.

  10. R,

    they do sound interesting, the Indian tea is an idea done before so I am curious as to how they will interpret it this time. Sometimes it's all in the execution.

    The Silences purple is a totally different scent from 2005, a floriental in the mould of Dior's Addict (the white flowers and vanilla)HTH!

  11. When will these be released?

  12. NF,

    they just have! It will take a while for them to get to the States though, I suppose. But not too long!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Anonymous23:27

    hi, helg... just popped for 09 a few days ago, and wow, is it getting some crazy-positive comments, from men and women alike.

    it reminds me a little of the gourmand aspects of molinard's isles d'or, and for some reason of montana's just me. with a fresh pine forest underneath it all.

    i'm also playing with the play-doh'ish 02, which is really nice on skin. 08 is a bit too much like tea for two, at least at the start, but it's also nice.



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