Friday, March 19, 2010

Beatrice Piquet (1963-2010)

Perfumer with Intenational Flavors & Fragrances Inc. Paris-based Béatrice Piquet succumbed to a prolonged illness... Famously responsible for the masterful L'Instant pour Homme for Guerlain, Burberry The Beat, the classic Trussardi Uomo in the black crock bottle, Bulgari Rose Essentielle, Davidoff's Echo, Boss Deep Red and Dark Blue, as well as assorted fragrances for Benetton, the Beckhams and Banana Republic, she was a quiet player in this emerging game of rock-stars. May she rest in peace.

If you want to grab a profile of the perfumer, you are referred to your local library for the Madame Figaro magazine of December 11, 2004, p.64.


  1. thanks so much to have post the hommage to Béatrice
    she was a great ,and a beautiful person!
    she was also a great perfumer!
    I was close to her of course . I am so sad! she was so optmistic and so courageous till the end! it is not fair!

  2. Dear Sylvaine,

    thanks so much for dropping by and for commenting with your personal rapport reminiscences.
    Although I never met her, I will never forger she was responsible for one of my most favourite men's scents, L'Instant pour Homme. And the indignity of a prolonged illness is always a trying process even for the bravest, alas.

    Mes sentiments les plus tristes et respectueux pour cette femme courageuse...

  3. Mystic Knot12:44

    RIP Ms Piquet. :(

  4. MK,

    thanks for commenting. She looks so radiant in her pic too, doesn't she.

  5. What a talented, lovely-looking woman! may she rest in peace.


  6. A,

    I immediately thought the same thing upon first finding her picture: here's a woman in love with life and lovely.

    Quelle dommage! :-(

  7. It was such a sad news when I heard last Thursday the obituary at Neuilly written by Norbert and presented after the conference. So I just post the news on my blog back home and I was not able to think further.
    There are many sad things behind the beautiful curtains of the Fragrance world.

  8. Octavian,

    thanks for stopping by, it's indeed terrible news. Especially when such an illness debilitates and makes you think you can win, when it takes its toll all the same...
    People see the facade, very often, and do not peek in the wings. That's true of several arenae.


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