Friday, March 19, 2010

Annick Goutal Sous le Figuier candle: available again

Inspired by their latest creation, Ninfeo Mio, Camille Goutal and perfumer Isabelle Doyen invite us, through this candle, to a moment of escape in the Italian garden of Ninfa, at the shadow of a fig tree warmed by the sun. The candle Sous le Figuier would sublimate your rooms with its fruity notes of fig and peach mingled with mint to bring freshness and tonicity, sweet violet leaves and cedar wood for a warm final note. The softness and sensuality of the fig enter this elegant candle, presented in a clear glass streaked with gold and light and adorned with the Annick Goutal logo.


  1. Ninfa is one of the most magical places on earth with those shell encrusted rooms. Beautiful way to honor it with scent!

  2. D,

    there are places where the mind almost stops by the beauty. It's heartening to see perfumers refer to these instead of white trash and the like, isn't it?


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