Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PERFUMism: What Will be the Talk of Town Soon

Today is a very special day! Contrary to many others, I don't usually broadcast what I'm doing outside the scope of Perfume Shrine on these pages. But today is an exception because it is beyond the merely personal and it embraces the community. I have been working alongside two dedicated people on a common cause which is groundbreaking, innovative and will hopefully rekindle the discourse on the genuine love of perfumery and help the industry take notice. is a new platform, totally uncommercial, completely independent, and utterly respectful to those who will partake of its content. It is unlike anything else that exists in the perfume community today in that it aims to communicate serious thoughts on scents and the people involved with them (we have invited acclaimed perfumers, industry insiders, distributors and exhibitors) beyond the overused concept of niche and "art" which is brandished like the latest It-bag in the blogosphere and the discussion fora. Art will feature naturally too, but will it be a pretentious facade to make money or stroke fragile egoes? No, most assuredly not! We're totally against vanity projects!

PERFUMism is a kick in the groin in that it will tell truths! It will not fear, it will not hold back, it will not mollify or caress ears and will question everything! Along with mme Rebecca Veuillet-Gallot, the renowned author of Le Guide du Parfum and the Patricia de Nicolai Parisian boutique-keeper, and Andy Tauer, the well-loved artisan perfumer who financed this new platform, we have been brainstorming on making a difference in the industry. With our passion and with the fertile discourse which you are invited to provide, we hope to effectuate the changes which we have been all praying for for a long while now...
So, without further ado, you're invited to check out the PERFUMism site, to leave a message at the ShoutBox (on the right hand corner, please leave a comment if you feel like it), take a tour and see if something catches your eye, and to subscribe ~entirely for FREE~ to our quarterly newsletter for news and press. Just click the link! There is also a Facebook page and a Twitter page, from where you can follow us.

My personal aim in participating on PERFUMism is to get a powerful message across that perfumery shouldn't be exploited as the new "It" money-maker, but as the only refuge of sensualists in an increasingly sensory-deprived and sterilised world! I am leaving you with a couple of words by Andy which resonate his thought-process behind this innovative concept championing true art in perfumery: "I am finally here, at the starting point, of something new and exciting, collaborative and driven by the quest to move. I am finally here, and I can make a statement. I am not niche! And now, we will start inviting others to join us. We are not many, but we are the few who will make a difference. That's what PERFUMism is about: Making a difference in the world of perfumes".


  1. Anonymous18:27

    Dear E,

    Hear! Hear! regarding perfumery being a "refuge of sensualists". It has definitely been one for me and I look forward to listening to your message and the message of Mr Tauer and all your fellow sensualists on Perfumism.

    Congratulations to you all on this unique project.


  2. I'm off to check everything. :)
    Great idea!

  3. Congratulations! Best of luck with your to enjoy... :)

  4. Brilliant idea, dearest E! Many congrats and I look forward to participating.

  5. Good news! This delights me. I'm off to check it out.

  6. Excellent! I am totally excited to hear this. I wish you luck with your project and can't wait to see what comes out of it.

  7. Congratulations on this new project! I just did a brief tour of the site. So exciting to have a new perfume forum.

    I hope you'll consider updates to the site's graphic design as you work the kinks out? I'm finding the gray typeface on the white background hard to read, and on the "manifesto" page-- the white type on the black background is super hard on the eyes.

    It will be great fun to hear from the perfumers themselves. Kudos to Rebecca, Andy, Patricia, and you!

  8. This looks very exciting! I especially liked your piece on masterpieces. I'm looking forward to following it! Congratulations!

  9. Anonymous02:21

    Wonderful reading! I am looking forward to the evolution of your project! (and agree with the above poster about the hard to read typeface).


  10. Sounds like a wonderful, heartfelt collaboration. I can't wait to check it out.

  11. Congratulations to you all- this sounds fantastic xx

  12. condesadepitimini10:05

    HI Helg!

    this is great!
    huge CONGRATS to you and your peers for your work over the past year.
    Keep on the great job, I am one of your followers!
    thanks! Cheers! C.

  13. Mystic Knot11:35

    Hello Helg

    This is wonderful news ! Congratulations and thanks for this new innovative site. :)

  14. How exciting! I'm going to subscribe to everything right now. See you there.

  15. Am really excited about this creative collaboration-very generous of AT for financing. Time for Truth! I took a peek, but
    agree that it is super hard on the eyes.

  16. An exciting project! I'm off to explore.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Congrats on the birth of this new baby. I'm so looking forward to it's evolution!

  19. It looks fantastic, and I've really been enjoying poking around. I can't wait to see what else will come :)

  20. Anonymous03:24

    congrats on starting something new and exciting; i wish you the best of luck with it! hope it's a fun adventure for you all.

    - minette

  21. Natalia,

    thanks for your support. Glad you liked my tagline!

  22. Ines,

    hope to see you there!! Hugs!

  23. S,

    thanks honey, please do drop by, we will be having new stuff regularly.

  24. D,

    dearest, it's something that needed to be done, I guess. I'm honoured to be participating in something that might make a small difference. Looking forward to seeing you there!!

  25. M,

    darling, thank you! I value your support very much!!

  26. P,

    thanks, I do hope we live up to your expectations!

  27. GGS,

    thank you so much for your kind words and hope it opens a discourse between the industry and the community.

    You're absolutely right about the font! (sos sorry) We tried and amended that now, please check it out again!

  28. Furriner,

    thank you for the compliment, I'm glad you enjoyed. Hope to see you there often!

  29. skrzypce,

    many thanks, hope to get the ball rolling!

    Sorry about the typeface, we fixed it now. We will be working on fixing things, so don't hesitate to let us know!

  30. perfumaniac,

    it is indeed, hope to see you there often!

  31. K,

    thanks darling, it means a lot to me to hear you say so. Let's keep our fingers crossed we will be heard.

  32. Contessa/C,

    thank you for saying so, I very much appreciate it, you know! I am honoured to be among those you follow. We hope to get this to evolve.

  33. Mark,

    you're a gem, thank you for such trust and support!

  34. Lorelie,

    it was supremely generous of him, but he's a great guy anyway.

    Yup, you're very right. We fixed it somewhat now. Please check back again to see.

  35. Mals,

    enjoy! We will have new content soon!

  36. Roxana,

    thanks honey for stopping by and commenting and for your wishes! Much valued!!

    (hope you're well, have been busy busy busy lately and didn't write)

  37. Proximity,

    thanks!! We'll have some surprises for you, promise ;-)

  38. Minette,

    a nicest wish I couldn't have imagined, sincerely thank you!!


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