Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Parfums Isabey Fleur Nocturne: new fragrance

Isabey has just launched Fleur Nocturne, a modern version of a 1925 Isabey fragrance called Bleu de Chine. The fragrance, inspired by a world of crystal and amethyst, was entrusted to acclaimed French perfumer Jean Jacques, who envisioned an exceptionally rich floral bouquet with fruity, white flowers.

According to the official information the top note of Fleur Nocturne consisting of mandarin, mixed with apricot blossoms and white peach, instantly gives you the feeling that you are holding in your hands a perfume of exceptional, noble and valuable ingredients. The fragrance then plunges into a heart of jasmine, gardenia and magnolia, with a quality which is very rarely found today. The base leaves a strong wake of extraordinary elegance with a sunny chord of vanilla and patchouli.

Fleur Nocturne by Parfums Isabey will be available in a bottle of 50ml of Eau de Parfum for 129 euros.

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  1. This is indeed special, opulent but delicate rich floral. I discovered it last year in Paris during Parfum l'Expo when I wrote a short description. I hope to find it very soon on shelves.

  2. Thanks Octavian for chimming in!
    I have faith in young perfumers such as Jean Jacques and I'm glad to see Isabey doing something good, Irissime had left me with weird feeling. Hope to sample soon!


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