Sunday, October 4, 2009

Christopher Chong of Amouage Talks is an Italian site I have been reading for a while, because I find their approach and layout quite interesting: They also happen to have all the Italian front coverage (such as the Pitti Fragranza exhibition) and lots of scoops and fascinating videos.
It was with immense pleasure (and naturally a sense of being honoured) I learned through that Amouage's artistic director, Christopher Chong, who has literally taken Amouage to a new level of sophistication and excellence, is a fan of Perfume Shrine! There is a wonderful interview of mr.Chong ~so meaty it necessitates a fork and a knife~ that fuses musical language (so very Italian by nature) and the artistic influences that form the core of his vision for Amouage. Along comes the news of the unisex novel project for 2010 that is called “The Library Collection” referencing the 20s and 30s. The text is in Italian but there are video-clips in English which non-Italian-readers can follow. Enjoy yourselves clicking the link!

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