Friday, September 25, 2009

Tomorrow Starts Today by Atelier Parfum Beaute ~new fragrances & products roundup

I was just sent a wonderful and comprehensive presentation of the latest offerings of L'atélier Parfum et Beauté, a company with years of expertise in the field of beauty with the creative collaboration of Federico Restrepo and Olivier Aron (founder of Rosae Audit & Action). Coming out with new services and products soon, here is a recap for all of you:

Cash Cash is a new line of fragrances which aims to provide opposition to the pretentious luxe contestants by coming out of left-field: anti-gadget, economical and simple, it presents itself in Eau de Toilette of 3-4% concentration at 20 euros for 100ml/3.4oz. The first three offerings will be a floral, an oriental and a Fresh composition to target different tastes. The presentation is well thought out and it seems like an idea presented to combat the tendency of the consumer nowadays to supress expensive purchases when possible. The name says it all: Cash Cash is playing cache cache (hide and seek in French) with our cash and hopefully making us keep some cash in our pocket!

The designing team is offering La Niche aux Parfums, a premium line of fragrances in bejewelled flacons reflecting excellence in design. Four fragrances available: floral, chic hesperidic, oriental and incense.

New Jack Rose on the other hand is a homage to La Rose Jacqueminot de Coty, re-inventing the soliflore, with key words being potency, eternity, purity.

Bio d'Arômes targets another kind of consumer, the one attuned to natural and ecological products. The first line of bio-aromatherapeutic perfumes, it encompasses two referecnes in simple bottles with corked stoppers: a tonic of hesperidic-woody notes and an orange blossom relaxing infusion. The bio-chic is coming to your door. The brand ties beautifully with a naturals-based makeup line offered named Kiss My Bio, focused on recharges for every item (thus recycling packaging).

Sir Sterling is another line, intended for men, offering robust and solid packaging that looks luxe in two fragrances: Woody Spicy by Sir Sterling and Fresh by Sir Sterling. Despite the typical direction, going by the names (I haven't smelled any of them), I am hoping for something that might be as nice as the packaging looks to be.

Last but not least Ruby Love is the reworking of the love story, hiding underneath most perfumes' concept but here revealed in a beautiful ruby-colooured flacon with an opulent floral in its heart. Addictive, surprising, romantic, the concept seems destined to be a Valentine's gift.

The presentation looks very well-thought out, the designs and sketches are promising, I have not smelled anything yet, but hopefully they will have a couple of pleasant surprises amongst them. Hope to have the opportunity to report back with impressions!

Pics by Atelier Parfum et Beaute, not to be copied/reproduced for commercial purposes

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