Friday, September 25, 2009

New Exhibition and Books on Perfume: Annick le Guerer & Pierre Dinand

Annick Le Guérer, historian and no newcomer when it comes to fragrance and smell writing, is coming out with another exciting tome, titled Quand Le Parfum portait remede (When fragrances produced a cure), reprising the title of the exhibition she helped organise at St.Antoine L'Abbaye (June 14th till November 11th 2009).
The exhibition proposed a new approach to the prophylactic and therapeutic use of scent, going back to the beginnings of materia medica, when smells were considered to serve as remedies to a pleiad of ailments. Discovering the Medieval scented waters which were recreated in the 19th century, its distillation found way into the glossy pages of a book by Annick Le Guerer and (hold on to your seats, this is exciting!) olfactory illustrated by perfumes which have been rejingled by master perfumers Daniela Andrier and Dominique Ropion of Givaudan and Internation Flavors & Fragrances. Visit the official site for more info.

50 Years of Design reprises the work of acclaimed flacon designer Pierre Dinand, the man who almost single-handedly has optically enriched our appreciation of fluted crystal and innovative shapes appearing on our vanity cases and in our bathroom shelves and a living legend. His creations are too many to list in their entirety since he was producing half the bottles produced in the last 30 years, (well-known triumphs include Opium, Calandre, Eternity, Ivoire, Fendi, Madame Rochas, Obsession, L'Occitane bottles, the Mure et Musc limited edition mure flacon...) but after so many years in the industry he now dedicates most of his time to sculpture. His work can be seen at the Oita Kaori-no Mori Perfume Museum, Kiushu, Japan. The book will feature illustrations, photographs and stories about some of his most aesthetically triumphant and commercially successful work for perfumery. To be eagerly anticipated this coming winter.

Pics via and Pierre Dinand site.


  1. Rappleyea16:08

    I certainly hope there will be an English translation of the book as I would dearly love to have it, and I doubt my French is good enough to read it in the original. Again, this is right up my alley so thanks for the heads up.

  2. Donna,

    I think if it proves successful commercially it might be translated, so there are good chances you might read it in English. I enjoyed very much the other books by Annick Le Guerer!

  3. would love to know when the Dinard book is available! exhihibition sounds very interesting too- pity I don't have more time to travel the world heh.

  4. K,

    yeah, the exhibition should be fab, but her book should cover everything nicely, so it should be nifty.
    I believe the Dinand book should be out in time for Christmas. Makes sense...


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