Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Puredistance Black Crystal Column: exclusive preview

Puredistance, the uber-niche luxe Viennese brand, is launching their new Black Crystal Column, the ultimate accessory to the Puredistance I perfume spray. The minimalistic concept of the Black Crystal Column is reminiscent of traditional Japanese design. Black and gold have always been a powerful and elegant combination provided the design is not over the top. In this case the deep black and warm gold of the Black Crystal Column are used in an understated and elegant manner. The Founder of Puredistance, Jan Ewoud Vos, says: "The first reactions to the Black Crystal Column are unanimously positive. There is a kind of magic to it that is hard to explain. As Coco's Chanel little black dress became the epitome of chic and simple elegance, this Black Crystal Column to me is the ultimate example of a perfectly simple, yet very desirable object. The Puredistance I Perfume Spray perfectly fits into the Black Crystal Column and the combination of the two is simply magic!"

The idea for the Black Crystal Column was born in November 2008 in Moscow when the Puredistance team sat together in bar of the Ararat Park Hyatt. Just when the economic crisis was starting to knock on the door. The Puredistance team knew that launching new truly exclusive products would not be easy for a new brand like Puredistance, yet felt confident about the future of truly beautiful and exclusive products in the long term. And they decided to continue the design and production of the Black Crystal Column. (After all, wasn't it just after the the Wall Street Crash of 1929 that Jean Patou launched his famous perfume Joy? An extremely expensive perfume, created during the worst possible economic times.)
Jan Ewoud Vos says: "We will launch the Black Crystal Column in Florence at the Fragranze fair that takes place from September 11-13 [You can read our article about it here]. The Fragranze fair is dedicated to the best perfumes and fragrances in the world and brings the leaders of niche perfumery to Florence. The 'Black Crystal & Gold' and the 'Black Crystal & Steel' Columns will be the highlights of our presentation in Florence with of course Puredistance I Perfume, the heart of Puredistance!"

The retail price of the ‘Black Crystal & Gold’ Limited Edition (only 750 pcs) including two Puredistance I perfume sprays is 2.750 euro. The ‘Black Crystal & Steel’ Limited Edition (1250 pcs) including two Puredistance I perfume sprays is 1.750 euro. The retail price of the 17.5 ml. Puredistance I perfume spray is priced at 165 euro.

Puredistance is available at: the Puredistance Perfume Lounge in Vienna, in the online boutique at and at selected stores worldwide including, but not limited to world renowned places like Roja Dove's Haute Perfumery in Harrods London, Corso Como in Milan, Quartier 206 in Berlin, Taizo in Cannes, the Gallery Lirouage in Moscow and Swarovski's Crystal World in Wattens.

Read the full story at where you can download the 'Story of Puredistance", a 120 page book about the company and its products.

Info & pics via press release


  1. This reminds me of the Killian travel spray, which I think is more beautiful with the decorated edges.

    It also reminds me of the black atomizer for Chanel # 5.

  2. Good eye! ;-)

    It's supposedly all crystal, though, while the Chanel is black plastic. But yes, the same architectural, sparse, elegant lines.


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