Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Emma Watson for Burberry, not Chanel

Last year, at about this time, there were rumours flying that Emma Watson would front the new Coco Mademoiselle ads for Chanel and we had discussed a bit on the possibilities here. Later on the Chanel publicists shot this one down and we retracted. And if our article on the new Coco Mademoiselle print ad with Keira Knightley hasn't convinced you the above scenario is not in the cards, I don't know if this snippet will; but news on the block say Emma Watson, the Hermione character in the Harry Potter franchise (and a lovely little lady, if you ask me) is joining forces with Burberry. The info is official and she will be featured in the autumn-winter 2009-2010 advertisements, shot by Mario Testino in Westminster, London.
Emma Watson is thus succeding Kate Moss, Agyness Dain and Rachel Weisz. Considering that the latter had been the face for the Burberry London floral fragrance for women (20007), perhaps we might see the cute face of Emma peeking through our latest Vogue issue with fragrant strips soon. It remains to be seen.

I wonder what Karl Lagerfeld who used to dress her in Chanel has to say about this. Probably not much!


  1. That is cool she is doing work for Burberry. I read somewhere that she has a penchant for high fashion so this doesn't surprise me, though I do recall that the article mentioned she particularly liked Chanel dresses ... ? Anyway, good to see Ms Watson outside of the movies!

  2. argghhh Emma Watson is over exposed already.

  3. I'm a total HP fan and I absolutely love Emma Watson. She seems such a nice, normal girls in that glamour movie world - and I read the other day she just wants to go to university and lead a normal life. Hope she manages it!

  4. Audit,

    it's known that Chanel (and therefore Karl Lagerfeld) dressed her for formal occasions, so I don't know how this will continue (or not). But good for her to be in fashion if she genuinely cares.

  5. K,

    very true, which is probably why they picked her!
    On the other hand she's not a vulgar upstart like so many others, so I can't complain too much.

  6. I,

    she looks decent, so I certainly hope she stays level-headed and she completes her education as she wishes.

  7. I think she looked great in the Burberry ads. It seems she's been able to keep a level head thus far and I hope she's able to keep it that way.


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