Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When Pigs Start to Fly

Remember when a couple of days ago we -as everyone else, I gather- reported that Emma Watson would be the new face of Chanel for Coco Mademoiselle, replacing Keira Knigthly?

Well, bogus, Chanel publicists tell us... The Daily Mail (surely not the bastion of journalistic integrity) have probably got carried away with their hypothesis based on the fact that Emma had been wearing Chanel in all formal events lately (and why not?). It did seem rather too soon, one has to admit.
An anonymous reader of Perfume Shrine, who is obviously a Keira loyal fan, opened our eyes with their entertaining comments to this latest news. What can I say? Nice pic you chose, though, Daily Mail!

So, discuss among yourselves: Why the face of a new perfume is so important as to instigate false rumours? Why is it circulated in the press? How could the consumer identify with anyone, really, as the face of something abstract like a fragrance?

And a reminder: there are still samples available for Tulipano on the Hilde Soliani post, so comment there if you want to get the few remaining ones.

Pic of flying pig (cute!) from Anastrophe and Cheese.


  1. what a sweet little pig that is!

  2. Yeah, isn't it?
    Loved the pic and wanted to share :-))

  3. Malena10:59

    dear e. :)

    i´m the second one who wholeheartly admires the pic = pig you posted.
    i adore pigs (every year i buy a huge calendar with photos of pigs)!


  4. Thanks dear C!

    They're very cute animals, it's true. I saw the cutest little piglets at a farm once when I was little, they were sooooo adorable: that image has stuck! Makes you sad to think what they're going through later on...

    Calendar with pigs sounds creative!

    BTW, got your mail, will be replying shortly! :-)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. While Keira cannot keep me from CM, still i'd have preferred Emma as a face. She's more... elegant. Not so artificial-affected.
    Pigs? Did i mention i am sporting a plush piggie in my collection of cuddly toys ;-)) LOVE that pig-pic!!

  7. I was a little disappointed to hear that Chanel would switch so quickly. They seem so much better at marketing than that, though I don't much care for Keira Knightley. Emma Watson seems hella insecure.

    I'm sure it's less the fact that it has to do with perfume and more the fact that it has to do with celebrities that they wrote this up.

  8. OK, it's official! Perfume Shrine and its readers are piglet fans :-)

    I admit dear N I hadn't thought of elegance in this matter, but you make me question the criteria with which those decisions are made (popularity? face recognition on all continents? compliance with Chanel "image"?)

  9. Dear D,

    I can very well see that Emma must be insecure. First of all she's terribly young and almost everyone is insecure at that age. Especially when one is at the limelight because of a big commercial success (which begs the question what will follow for her).

    Very good point about the DM!! ~celebrity gossip is their bread and butter. I doubt they pay too much attention to perfume.

  10. Thank- you for your kind welcome earlier this week!

    As a Brit and a wearer of Coco Mademoiselle it interests me that Chanel seem to use British girls for CM- even the rumoured faces are British.

    It seems a bit strange when everything Chanel is normally so French!

    If I was them and I wanted to use a French girl i think Audrey Tatou far more embodies the CM brand than No. 5. I would put someone like Sophie Marceau in the No. 5 adverts.

  11. You're vwey welcome Rose and please feel like home on Perfume Shrine :-) Your presence and comments enrich the community.

    Very astute observation, especially considering that CM is focusing on a younger clientelle and a more international one, as a consequence.
    Therefore I think it has to do with the audience being more in tune with Englsh-speaking filmography, rather than French-speaking ones (Virginie Ledoyen would be a great choice for CM in that scenario). In the time we're living the dominant culture is the Anglo-Saxon one ;-)

    I agree with you that Audrey Tatou would have been perfect for CM rather than No.5, but the deed is done now and to me it points out that they want to make No.5 seem "younger" than usually perceived (I think their issuing the Elixir and the Eau Premiere point to that direction as well).

    Now, Sophie Marceau: I love her style and image! But wasn't she the face of Champs Elysees by Guerlain some years ago? Could they use her in good effect? And more importantly: is she as popular as the other choices?

  12. Yes you're right about Virgine Ledoyen and CM- she'd be great. Yes Sophie Marceau was in the Champs Elysee campaign and I'm her profile doesn't match the profiles of Nicole Kidman or Audrey Tatou- it's a shame though.

    I'm sure Audrey will look wonderful and very chic as she always does.

  13. Thanks Rose for stopping by again.

    I do like Sophie Marceau and I find she has a sensuality that is very appealing. I vastly prefer her to the icy Kidman for instance, but they do not consult me on those decisions, truly they don't! (which is also a shame, LOL!)

    Looking very much forward to seeing the Audrey Tautou ads.


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