Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Les Nez in Paris

LesNez, an independent niche line based in Switzerland whose scents we have lovingly reviewed and talked about on this link, has finally arrived in Paris. "We are very grateful to Madame Cros, who has agreed to carry the perfumes together with her fabulous collection of antique bedlinen".

Les Beaux Draps de Jeannine Cros, Paris
11, rue d'Assas 75006 Paris
Tue. - Sat.11.00 AM - 13.30 PM14.30 PM - 19.00 PM
Closed on Monday ~Vacation 2009: August


  1. sounds like somewhere I ought to be visiting. Yet more reasons I need a Paris holiday!

  2. K,

    if I could I'd send you out this very minute! Hopefully you will get your wish soon! :-)


  3. E, and it's but a train ride away. I do have this dream that one random Saturday i will just wake up and 'pop' up to St pancras and 'pop' on the train. Life seems a bit hectic to a fit a weekend at the moment- hectic good though!

    Paris though heh, would love to live there, just for a summer sometime.

  4. K,

    hectic good is really the best! ;-)


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