Wednesday, March 4, 2009

STR8 to the movies

Of all the very successful commercials of the Sarantis Group for their fragrances (C-THRU, B.U., Xpose etc) the ones which made more of an impression to me due to their very cinematic and sensuous nature are the ones for the masculine fragrance STR8 (ie. straight), titillating without being vulgar and with small details that make them a little "story" in themselves.

The constants are cars, American "heavy" cars in particular with their big skeleton of steel, expanses of skin mapped like roads, darkness and light, liquid drops oozing like pearls and teeth (mechanical and otherwise) gnawing on soft parts...

The first one set the tone under the haunting notes of Motorpsycho's Stalemate with its rhytmic staccato echoing the editing "cuts".

The one to follow had a gothic-vampiric feel seen through the masterful direction of Eric Barbier and the jazzy ambience of The room by Sillyboy.

The newest one makes the very American Kerouak's On the Road take a whole new dimension with the long-winded J.Butterfly from the longplay "From One Human Being To Another" by Mourah.

All clips originally uploaded on Youtube.

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