Friday, March 13, 2009

Questions & Answers with perfumer Harry Fremont of Firmenich (with focus on new All American Stetson)

Harry Frémont needs no introduction really: He is a perfumer at the top brand Firmenich and famous for several bestsellers such as Lancome Ô oui! and Miracle,Calvin Klein cK One (with Alberto Morillas), Kenneth Cole Black (with Sabine de Tscharner), Ralph Lauren Romance and the new Romance Always Yours , Nino Cerruti Image for women, the upscale jewel-glam-into-fragrance project for David Yurman, as well as more esoteric niche offerings such as Avaritia in the 7 Sins line of S-Perfumes by artist Sacré Nobi.

Although born in the world-famous resort of Cannes, in the south of France (therefore growing up in an environment of wildflowers and lush gardens which remained an inpiration throughout his career), Harry Frémont has lived and worked in New York for almost 20 years. Graduating from one of the most elite perfumery schools in France, the ISIPCA at Versailles, he went on to receive not one but two consecutive awards for his olfactive creations by the prestigious Societé Technique des Parfumeurs de France in both 1984 and 1985. In fact he is the only two-time winner! In 1987, Harry Frémont joined the Firmenich International Fragrance Center in New York after spending three years at the Corporate Headquarters in Geneva. Harry is attached to beautiful flowers, naturally: mimosa, Bulgarian rose, jasmine sambac and broom as well as interesting raw materials such as tagetes. It's not therefore surprising the pefume he admires is the cool and unusual Coriandre de Jean Couturier. Citing his love of gardening, his wife and their three daughters (Lauren, Joy and Estée ~I know, incidentally all names of existing perfumes!)as sources of inspiation and as perfumers he looks up to Alberto Morillas and Edmond Roudnitska, Harry was available for some questions and answers via the Coty team on the occassion of the launch of All American Stetson which he composed. Enjoy the glimpse!

1.Tell us about what it means to create a new Stetson fragrance?
My vision was to capture the essence of the “American” man and the Western spirit.

2.What makes All American different from Stetson Original? Any similarities?
Stetson Original is very classic and warm, being more of a classic oriental. The All American is more modern and youthful, as its fresh aromatic woody character gives a very outdoorsy feeling. Both fragrances are bold and masculine.

3.What was your inspiration for All American Stetson?
The inspiration behind this fragrance was the outdoorsy, adventurous guy that everyone admires. He has a very likeable, youthful “All American” spirit, with an exciting modern edge.

4. What are the core values of this fragrance from your point of view?
Authentic, modern, outdoorsy, performance

5. How would you describe the fragrance in general terms?
All American is fresh yet warm, vibrant yet sensual.

6. Which family does it belong to?
The fragrance is in the Aromatic Woody family.

7.Could you tell us about the olfactive structure? Top/heart/base notes?
All American opens with the cooling freshness of cedar leaf, ginger root and guava NaturePrint®*, exuding an invigorating sensation. The heart of the fragrance is built around rich notes of black suede and nutmeg offering an intriguing sensuality, while notes of sage and water fern capture a vibrant confidence that is both rugged and modern. The fragrance dries down with the sensual warmth of amber wood and musks, flawlessly blended with notes of vetiver and patchouli giving it depth and masculinity.

8. Are there any unique ingredients that make All American Stetson special or different?
A unique combination of top Firmenich aromatic raw materials (plicatone), blended with Firmenich musks (muscenone) and woody notes (norlimbanol, z11)

9. When and where should All American Stetson be worn?
All American Stetson should be worn all the time! It has a rugged freshness for daytime and warm rich tones that are perfect for the evening.

10.Could you tell us how you would imagine the All American Stetson man?
Bold and adventurous, fearless, always pushing his limits, always looking at the brighter side of life.

Thank you to Harry Frémont and the Coty team.

*"Natureprint" is the Firmenich copyrighted name of headspace technology, a technique of collecting and then mimicing the living air around a plant in the lab, thus producing life-like-smelling essences.

pic of water fern via patrix/flickr (some rights reserved)


  1. He sounds like a lovely man...
    Where I live, we're 'Brady'd out', LOL...
    Too much of a good thing, perhaps.
    I'll have to resniff.

  2. So this is the genius behind Lancome's Miracle! **swoon**

  3. I,

    I can understand. All these sound very "exotic" to me: celebrities are never that big where I am. ;-)

    Well, I think the frag would tread commecial lines and appeal to a certain demogaphic. But I liked that he actually gave real indredients instead of "tactile warmths" and "busting waterfall accords"! ;-))

  4. Audit, I do believe Miacle original, along with Pleasures original, are two of the nicest "clean" modern florals at department stores now. I love their pepperiness!


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