Friday, March 13, 2009

All American Stetson: Let the Games Begin!

You can't get more All American than the hunky quaterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots or Stetson, the synonym almost for cowboy hat for over a century and the emblem of cinematic hero Indiana Jones! All American Stetson tries to combine both in one in a fragance bottle. Tall order!

"All American Stetson is a fresh, modern, new addition to the Stetson fragrance family. Best described as an aromatic woody fragrance, All American Stetson features notes of black suede (spokesman Tom Brady’s self-professed favorite), cedar leaf, ginger, musk, and fresh water ferns. Developed by master perfumer Harry Frémont of Firmenich, All American Stetson is for the fun-loving, athletic, adventurous and rugged "All American" guy". The fragrance is available now at mass retailers and retails for $14.50-$26.00.

To support the launch of All American Stetson, Tom Brady and Stetson have also collaborated to create Tom Brady's All American Stetson Challenge. It’s a fun, interactive online game that lets guys compete head-to-head with Tom in extreme sports, including Kayaking, Motorcross and Snowboarding. The top scorers can win a dream 3 day adventure trip packed with horseback riding, rafting and a Hummer 4x4 excursion, plus autographed Tom Brady memorabilia, and of course, All American Stetson! You can check out the game at

Official press pics


  1. All that and a Hummer too?

    So manly!

  2. P,

    obviously the demogaphic is very well defined!! :-))

    Hope you have a lovely day!

  3. Ooh, Tom Brady! Yummy!

  4. I bet this is what the company thought when hiring him as the face of their latest frag ;-)

    Warm regards!


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