Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jo Malone expands to Eastern Asia

Takashimaya, one of the most popular shopping spots in Singapore, has been chosen to host the newest Jo Malone venue. The shop-in-shop boutique, mimicking the master plan of the London Sloane Street flagship store (including a Tasting Bar) is part of a greater plan by parent company Lauder Group to expand in Southeastern Asia and the Pacific region. The contract has been signed between Lauder and the Lane Crawford Joyce Group for exclusive distribution of Jo Malone products in 7 territories: Hong Kong (already hosting Jo Malone since last July), Singapore, China, Taïwan, Macau, Malaysia and Indonesia. The company is determined to face the economic crisis difficultes and come out victorious.


  1. Ooh how cool! That's great Jo Malone are going to have a bigger presence in Asia. And good luck to them in these difficult times.

  2. Yeah, it's kinda neat, isn't it? I do wish them the best of luck in these hard times as well. :-)


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